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Supply and Demand

I need help answering some questions on the beef Industry

I need your HELP answering this questions: 1. I need a brief history of the beef (cattle) Industry in the US 2. I need an overview (how the beef Industry stands now and how the beef Industry is doing now) 3. I need a SWOTT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats and Trends) analysis of the beef Industry 4 Is

I need help answering some questions on Fundamentals of economics

I need your HELP answering these questions: 1. Explain how the circular flow diagram illustrates the interaction of households, governments, and business? 2. Illustrate market equilibrium using supply and demand curves? 3. Differentiate between movement along and shift of the demand curve? 4.Explain the relationship

Price Increase/Decrease

What would happen to the price of a pair of jeans if the following happened? Belts for jeans went up? Many styles of jeans are introduced? A new sewing machine is invented and will reduce production costs? The age of jean buyers increases and they do not like your style of jeans? Unemployment decreases?

Competition and Labor Markets

Explain and discuss why the characteristics of the labor markets should result in the same wage rate for all jobs requiring the same level of abilities and skills? Why are earnings on the labor market are not always proportional to abilities? Demand for good workers = high pay demand for low workers = low pay Not proporti

Cost of living Disparities in the US

Why are there significant disparities in the cost of living throughout the US? Unfortunately, I am somewhat lost on this one. I cannot think of one definitive answer to this question. I would think the lack of industry would play an important part in regional differences. Poor education such as that in Louisianna would be a m

Oligopoly Quantity competition

Firm A is the dominant firm in a market where industry demand is given by Qd = 48-4P. There are four "follower" firms, each with long-run marginal cost given by MC= 6 + Qf. Firm A's long run marginal cost is 6. a. Write the expression for the total supply curve of the followers (qs) as this depends on price. (Remember, e

Calculate the change in consumer surplus

Rice is traded in a competitive world market. At the world price of $0.10 per pound, unlimited amounts of rice can be imported into Japan for purchase in the Japanese rice market. (e.g. There is an infinite supply of rice at the world price of $0.10 per pound.) The domestic demand and supply of rice in Japan is given by: (


My question is : 1)Why are prices generally higher for goods/services in London as opposed to Newcastle, or New York as opposed to San Fran? I understand that inflation is caused by excess demand/liquidity which causes the price of inputs such as raw materials to rise. But is the answer to the above question attributable t

Micro Problems

I have 3 short Micro problems that I need some help with. Please provide detailed explanations.

Demand and supply

Problems: For each of the following problems, provide a mathematical solution, well-labeled diagrams, and written explanations 1) Suppose the demand and supply curves for broccoli in the U.S. market are given by: Qd = 1000 - 5P Qs = 4P - 80 Quantities are in hundreds of bushels per year and price is in dollars per hund

Short & Medium Term Exchange Rate Changes

1. What is the "real" exchange rate, and why are changes in it more important than changes in the nominal exchange rate. 2. Does the "real exchange rate" have meaning only for a country, or does it have meaning for a company, as well? Explain. 3. Suppose England's real exchange rate relative to the United States was 1.32

General economics question

Need good reliable help to answer this question 4) Suppose the government proposes to cut taxes while maintaining the current level of government expenditures. To finance this deficit, it may either a) sell bonds to the public, or, b) print new money (via Federal reserve cooperation). -What are the likely eff

Factors that create a drag on the economy

From The Wall Street Journal, Thursday, December 2, 2004: "Janet Yellen, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, said in a speech yesterday at Arizona State University that sustained high oil prices, business caution, the growing trade deficit, consumers' need to rebuild savings and the waning boost from tax cu

Calculate the lost consumer surplus.

Problem 1 The government is attempting to support the alfalfa market price. The market for alfalfa is described in the following figure: graph in attachment (a) If the government purchases enough alfalfa to raise the price from $50/ton to $75/ton, what is the government cost? What is the gain/loss in surplus to the produ

Gold standard help

Make the argument, pro's and con's, for returning to the gold standard. List the positive and negative effects of reversing the current policy. E.g., How might this affect international trade? Our trade balance? Our currencies value vis a vis other currencies? Why did the US abandon the standard in the first place? Full

AS/AD & S/D Models

Question #4 (a)Why was the AS/AD model developed, and what limitations of the S/D model did it overcome? (b) List a real world example that is not in the text that supports your response. Fully discuss the theory underlying each model, and why the AS/AD model is the preferred way to measure the economy, or is it?

Need Help with these problems

Practice Problems Fall, 2004 State whether each of the following remarks is true, false or uncertain, and then give a brief (but good!) explanation as to why. Each remark is "worth" 12 points; 4 for "T, F or U", 8 for your explanation. 1. True, False or Uncertain: Sales and excise taxes are usually more harmfu

Explain substitution and output effects on labor

Problem: The technology of a firm making high end, solid gold bracelets in Soho (NYC) is described by the production function: q = 6.0 L3/4K1/5 where q is the number of bracelets produced per year, L is the number of metallurgist employed by this firm and K is the number of capital units used, measured in square foo

Aggregate Demand

You have been appointed economic advisor to Examland. The mpc is 0.6; investment is $1000; government spending is $8000; consumption is $10000; and next exports are $1000. a. What is the level of income in the country? b. Net export increases by $2000. What will happen to income? c. What will happen to unemployment? (Remember

ABC analysis for inventory control, EOQ

Please see the attached file for full problem description. TABLE 11.3 DOLLARS OF ADDITIONAL SALES NEEDED TO EQUAL $1 SAVED THROUGH THE SUPPLY CHAIN PERCENT OF SALES SPENT IN THE SUPPLY CHAIN PRESENT NET PROFIT OF FIRM 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 2 $2.78 $3.23 $3.85 $4.76 $6.25 $9.09 $16.67 4 $

Interest rates and the money supply

1. Explain how the Bank of Canada can influence interest rates and the money supply in Canada. Be specific about the tools that are available to the Bank for such purposes. Explain how these tools would be used for expansionary policy. Question also in attachment.


1.1Smokers: Old and New Explain in terms of elasticities, why placing a tax on cigarettes might reduce teenage smoking while simultaneously raising revenues from older smokers with a more-than-a-pack-a-day habit. 1.3 "Part Forces Hawaiian to Cancel 18 Flights" ) The Honolulu Advertiser Monday, February 14, 2000 Karen

Profits in competitive firms

In a short-run situation in which quantity demanded equals quantity supplied in a competitive industry, with price greater than the average cost of the typical firm, A) total profits across the market are negative and some firms will be forced to leave. B) The profit of the typical firm must nonetheless be zero so that fi

Labor Wages

Suppose the government imposes a minimum wage of $5. What is the total wage paid to labor in the figure? See attached file for full problem description.

Excise tax - supply curve

The government levies an excise tax of 5 cents per unit sold on the sellers in a competitive industry. Both supply and demand curves have some elasticity with respect to price. This tax means that the: A) supply curve shifts to the left by 5 cents, but (unless demand is perfectly elastic) price will not rise. B) supply c


29. A shortage of OPEC oil raises oil prices because of: A) the law of elastic supply. B) the law of elastic demand. C) the downward-sloping demand curve. D) all of the above. E) none of the above.


Category: Economics > Microeconomics Subject: Long Run Details: In the economic theory of the firm, we generally discuss only two factors, labor and capital, and in the short run labor is the variable factor and capital is the fixed factor of production. The long run is a period of time that is long enough for all factors of

Fed Funds market

Explain why the Fed must normally add reserves to the banking system via open market operations on most days in order to maintain its interest rate target in the Fed Funds market.