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Supply and Demand

Aggregate Demand

You have been appointed economic advisor to Examland. The mpc is 0.6; investment is $1000; government spending is $8000; consumption is $10000; and next exports are $1000. a. What is the level of income in the country? b. Net export increases by $2000. What will happen to income? c. What will happen to unemployment? (Remember

ABC analysis for inventory control, EOQ

Please see the attached file for full problem description. TABLE 11.3 DOLLARS OF ADDITIONAL SALES NEEDED TO EQUAL $1 SAVED THROUGH THE SUPPLY CHAIN PERCENT OF SALES SPENT IN THE SUPPLY CHAIN PRESENT NET PROFIT OF FIRM 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 2 $2.78 $3.23 $3.85 $4.76 $6.25 $9.09 $16.67 4 $

Interest rates and the money supply

1. Explain how the Bank of Canada can influence interest rates and the money supply in Canada. Be specific about the tools that are available to the Bank for such purposes. Explain how these tools would be used for expansionary policy. Question also in attachment.

Elasticities: Reducing Teenage Smoking and Jackscrew Assembly

1.1Smokers: Old and New Explain in terms of elasticities, why placing a tax on cigarettes might reduce teenage smoking while simultaneously raising revenues from older smokers with a more-than-a-pack-a-day habit. 1.3 "Part Forces Hawaiian to Cancel 18 Flights" ) The Honolulu Advertiser Monday, February 14, 2000 Karen B

Labor Wages

Suppose the government imposes a minimum wage of $5. What is the total wage paid to labor in the figure? See attached file for full problem description.

Excise tax - supply curve

The government levies an excise tax of 5 cents per unit sold on the sellers in a competitive industry. Both supply and demand curves have some elasticity with respect to price. This tax means that the: A) supply curve shifts to the left by 5 cents, but (unless demand is perfectly elastic) price will not rise. B) supply c


29. A shortage of OPEC oil raises oil prices because of: A) the law of elastic supply. B) the law of elastic demand. C) the downward-sloping demand curve. D) all of the above. E) none of the above.


Category: Economics > Microeconomics Subject: Long Run Details: In the economic theory of the firm, we generally discuss only two factors, labor and capital, and in the short run labor is the variable factor and capital is the fixed factor of production. The long run is a period of time that is long enough for all factors of

Fed Funds market

Explain why the Fed must normally add reserves to the banking system via open market operations on most days in order to maintain its interest rate target in the Fed Funds market.

Econometrics, Regression, Tariffs

1) Consider a competitive market where inverse supply and demand are given by: D: P = 160-2Q S: P = 50+3Q A) Solve for the equilibrium price. B) If a $10 per unit tax is placed on this good, how much of the tax is paid by consumers? How much of the tax is paid by the firm? Show your work and explain in a senten

Change in excess reserves and expansion multiplier.

The required reserve ratio is 5% Assets: Liabilities: Cash- $24 mil Demand Deposits- $180 mil Deposits w/ Fed.- $16 mil Time deposits- $10 mil Loan- $100 mil Capital- $10 mil Treas. Securities- $60 mil So I got the following: Level of reserves is $40 mil.


1. If the public's demand for US currency increased by $100 Million what action in the "open market" would the Fed have to take to prevent bank reserves from falling? 2. Which of the following A or B would have a larger impact on AD? Explain your answer. A) A program of tax rebates distributed uniformly across the pop

Free Trade / Surplus

2. The world price of wine is below the price that would prevail in the United States in the absence of trade. a. Assuming that American imports of wine are a small part of total world wine production, draw a graph for the U.S. market for wine under free trade. Identify consumer surplus, producer surplus, and total surplus

Policy in the war on drugs supply side

1-Discuss the limitations of the U.S. "supply side" policy in the war on drugs. Can we win the war on drugs? explain your position on legalization. Why does prohibitionism policy by gov. lead to a) an increase in poverty crime, b) an increase in violent crime, particularly crimes with handguns?Discuss in terms of the pros and co

Exchange rate problem

Examine the effects of a change in the money supply in an open economy under a flexible exchange rate system. How are your conclusion affected by the adoption of a fixed exchange rate?

Illustrate the new demand curve

Mali Apples 40 32 24 16 8 0 Bananas 0 4 8 12 16 20 US Production Possibilites apples 75 60 45 30 15 0 Bananas 0 5 10 15 20 25 Based on above info 1. graph each country's production possibilites curve. 2. On the graph for Mali, a. show a production point not attainable at this time b. show a point of ineffic

The context of a fixed exchange rate regime

A)Show how an increase in personal and federal income taxes ultimately affects the Bank of Canada's balance sheet. b)How are the Bank of Canada's transactions in the foreign exchange market from part (a) reflected in the balance of payments account? c)Would the impact of the tax cut be larger or smaller under a floating ex

Price, quantity and profits

12) You are the manager of a small pharmaceutical company that received a patent on a new drug three years ago. Despite strong sales ($125million last year) and a low marginal cost of producing the product ($0.25 per pill), your company has yet to show a profit from selling the drug. This is, in part due to the fact that the c

The affects of demand shifts

The demand curve for French plutonium shifts outward, at about the same time as the appearance of the foreign-exchange dollars. What happens to the demand for French Francs? a. Transaction demand goes up b. Precautionary demand goes up c. Speculative demand goes up d. Nothing

Output, Profit, Fixed Costs and Perfect Competition

1. Consider a firm operating in a perfectly competitive market. a. How much output will this firm produce ? b. How much profit (or loss) is this firm making in the short run ? c. What is the value of average fixed cost at this profit-maximizing output? d. At what output will average variable cost be minimized? e.

Edgeworth Box

If I had initial endowments XA = (0, X2), and XB = (X1, 0) Is there any impact if both goods were inferior, X2 for A and X1 for B? If I started with one equilibrium p* and went to another p* that had a higher price for X1, could the second p* be an equilibrium (using a Slutsky decomposition and keeping in mind the inferiorit

Market demand

Suppose that the market demand for broccoli is given by Q=1000-5P and the market supply of broccoli is given by Q=4P-80 where Q is quantity per year measured in hundreds of bushels an P is price in dollars per hundred bushels. a. Find the equilibrium price/quantity combination b. How much in total is spent on broccoli? c.