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Supply and Demand

Justifications for Downward Sloping Demand Curve

The demand curve shows that price and quantity are inversely related. Briefly explain two justifications for this relationship (the income and substitution effects). The supply curve shows a positive relationship between price and quantity supplied. What role does the loss of increasing opportunity cost play in this relationship

Economic Effect of Tax in Monopoly & Competitive Markets

The inverse demand curve for a commodit market is P=180-Q. The inverse supply curve is MC=Q. Based on this information: a) What is the equilibrium price level if this market is competitve? b) What is equilibrium quantity level if this market is competitive? c) What is equilibrium price level if this market is monopolized?

US real Estate brokerage market - Remax

In the U.S. real estate brokerage industry, brokers employed by large brokerage firms have traditionally worked for a portion of the commissions they generate. That is, if a house sale generates a 6% commission split equally between the brokers for the two sides (standard in many markets in the U.S.), the broker on one side mig

Assess the supply curve

U.S. winter wheat production increased dramatically in 1999 after a bumper harvest. The supply curve shifted rightward; as a result, the price decreased and the quantity demanded increased (a movement along the demand curve). The accompanying table describes what happened to prices and the quantity demanded of wheat. A. Using

The Arena Company: Price Cutting and Rate of Exchange

The Arena Company, which sells engines, has a uniform price of $500, which is charges all its customers. But, after its competitors begin to cut their prices in the California market to $400, Arena reduces its price to $400. a. Does this tend to violate the Clayton Act? b. If the Arena Company had cut its price to $300, mig

Consumer surplus of the "last person"

In a competitive market, all consumes pay the same price (equilibrium price) for the goods. Using the concept of consumer surplus, explain why each individual would be willing to pay a higher price and what does this mean regarding the consumer surplus of the "last person" shown on the demand curve.

Labor Market for Any State to Determine How Nursing Wages are Calculated.

An essay (with at least two APA formatted references) needed on how the two economic principles that include helping to explain how wages are determined in a market economy are and People Face Tradeoffs, and how Governments Can Sometimes Improve Market Outcomes they apply to the labor market for nurses. o Cite the state and

Price Ceiling or Price Floor

Can you please provide an example of the market where government has imposed a price ceiling or a price floor and use demand and supply analysis to explain the consequence on that market.

Consumer surplus of season football tickets

A typical university football programs requires alumni to join one of several booster club (each club gets seats in different parts of the stadium) before the person can buy season tickets. What has this got to do with consumer surplus?

Demand and Supply

Think of a product that you will buy more of if its price goes up. To which category does this product belong? Provide reasons for your answer. Develop a demand curve for it. Also show the condition of market equilibrium for these categories of goods. Compare the demand curve of these goods with the goods that you will buy m

Comparative Statics Analysis

Comparative statics analysis in economics is best illustrated as the comparison of equilibrium points before and after changes in the market have occurred. a comparison of two types of markets. the comparison of the percentage of change in the one variable divided by the percentage change in the other variable.

Managerial economics is best defined as

1. Managerial economics is best defined as: (Points: 7) the study of economics by managers. the study of aggregated, national economic activity. the study of how managers make decisions about the use of scarce resources. all of the above are good definitions. 2. From the standpoint of

Which of the following applies most generally to supply in the long run?

1. Which of the following applies most generally to supply in the long run? a.Average cost must decline b.Selllers are able to make adjustments in all of their factors of production. c.Sellers are only able to make adjustments in their variable factors of production d.All original sellers will leave the market 2.Which o

Law of Diminishing Marginal Product

Explain how the Law of Diminishing Marginal Product results in u-shaped average cost curves, both Average Total Cost (ATC) and Average Variable Costs (AVC). Hint: First explain how Marginal Product (MP) and Marginal Cost (MC) are related and then explain how MC is related to ATC and AVC. The transit authority is considerin

Housing market analysis

1-2 pages Details: In this activity you will need to go to the realtor.com website. Follow the instructions for "Finding a Home", and check housing prices for a 3-bedroom, 2-bath house in several cities, for example, San Francisco, CA; Topeka, KS; Dallas, TX; Concord MA; and Seattle, WA. Explain why housing prices vary from ci

The Impact of Energy Costs on the Aggregate Supply

I would appreciate four are five paragraphs on The impact of Energy Costs on the Aggregate Supply, this is a topic we have been discussing in my macroeconomics class and I am completely lost. If you give me information from other scourges please tell me what they are so I can dig deeper.

effect of an increase in the property tax rate

A major step toward mastering the economic way of thinking is learning to reason in terms of supply and demand. I have listed several questions below to answer and practice these concepts. What effect would you predict on the price of rental housing in an area where several major employers have recently closed down or moved aw

Labor Market Research

Two principles of economics that help explain how wages are determined in a market economy are: #1-People Face Tradeoffs and #2-Governments Can Sometimes Improve Market Outcomes Consider these principles when completing the assignment. Think of how they apply to the labor market for nurses. Research the labor market for an


Eaton Corp. (Industrial Equipment). Base on the company information please provide answer to the following questions 1. During the job interview, the Vice President understood that you had received rigorous training in managerial economics, and you were able to select some appropriate methods to forecast the market movement.

Price Rationing

I don't understand how a price ceiling undermines the rationing function of market determined prices. How could rationing coupons ensure that consumers with the highest values get the limited amount of a good supplied when government price ceilings create shortages? I believe that the answer is based upon demand, supply and ma

Microeconomics and its applications

While sitting in your office one evening, you begin to think about some of the key microeconomic messages you want to communicate to the Board. (Key concepts include, but are not limited to, supply and demand, pricing, competition, costs & production, and economic value added.) Pick two key concepts and discuss what you will pre

demand for electricity

Is the demand for electricity more price elastic when measured over a short period of time or a long period time? Explain.

Different Impacts of Taxation

Find two articles that discuss the local, state, or federal taxation of a good. Describe the effects of taxation and price controls on the economy. -Is the tax levied on the producers or consumers? -How does the tax affect supply or demand? -How does the tax affect the equilibrium price and quantity? -In this market, descr

Question about Memorial Hermann Hospital

Address the following topics in your analysis: a. Prices b. Technology c. Productivity (consider the law of diminishing marginal productivity) d. Cost structure 1) Wages and benefits 2) Fixed and variable costs e. Price elasticity of demand