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Supply and Demand

Fluctuations in Gasoline Prices

What are the reporting reasons on why gasoline prices have been fluctuating and trending upward for the past 12 months. What are the ground reasons? Where are the online sources that can provide concrete evidence? I am unable to use the Wikipedia as a source only b/c that source can be edited by students and might not ha

Fluctuating and increasing gasoline prices

Fluctuating and increasing gasoline prices. What is your analysis on this topic and relate it to the United States economy. What are the three or four segments of our economy that are affected by fluctuating prices for gasoline. A "segment" of the economy is a particular industry or business that is national in their operation.

Microeconomics - multiple-choice

(See attached file for full problem description) --- 1. The OPEC Cartel has had periods of success as well as failure. Of the following factors, which does not contribute to success in a cartel? a. a low price elasticity of demand for oil (inelastic demand). b. restricted supply of other forms of energy, such as nucle

Automobile industry and macroeconomics

BASED ON THE BELOW. WHAT COULD I CONCLUDE? SINCE I REALLY KNOW VERY LITTLE ABOUT THE AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY? Interaction of Fiscal and Monetary Policy Intelligent fiscal policy and appropriate monetary policy allow for a stabilizing influence on United States' economy. The government is able to take action through expansion

Aggregate Demand Curve

The question asked that suppose that the aggregate demand curve is P=120 - Q, where P is the price level and Q is real output (in billions of dollars). If the short-run aggregate supply curve (which is a horizontal line in the relevant range) shifts upward from P = 102 to P = 104, what happens to real output?

The aggregate consumption function

EVERYTHING MUST HAVE CHARTS IN EXCEL. The aggregate consumption function for an economy is: C=$200 billion + .75 Yd, Yd= disposable income. Assume that aggregate demand must shift by $160 billion to close a recesionary gap. A: what change in government spending will return the economy to full employment GDP?

Exchange Rates of British Pounds

See attached file for full problem description. Determining the Exchange Rate Use these data to answer the following questions about the market for British pounds: Price of pound Quantity Demanded Quantity Supplied (in $) (of pounds) (of pounds) ______________

Oligopoly: Supply and Demand Problem

America's Water Meter Industry is dominated by four firms: Rockwell, Badger, Neptune and Hersey. Rockwell has 35% market share, and the remaining share the rest. Demand is very inelastic and there is barrier to entry due to economies of scale. The firms, fearing that profits may fall to competitive levels have, have set prices c

Productive efficiency ..

1. Oligopoly Exhibit 1 shows demand and cost conditions for a firm in an oligopoly market. Replicate the graph. Use the diagram to answer the following questions. a. If the firms in this industry were to compete, what would be the resulting market price and quantity? Use dashed lines as a hint. Label Price as P1 a

Flexible/fixed exchange rate systems and graphing problem

Question 1 Consider a small open economy with a fixed exchange rate system. Suppose there is a general expectation that the central bank will revalue the domestic currency in the future (i.e. it will reduce the fixed exchange rate defined as the amount of the domestic currency per unit of foreign currency). Explain the shor


You suddenly realize that your demand estimates might have some uncertainty in them. How might you change the amount of surplus you give to the consumers because of this? When you do not know the right demand, you cannot set the right price. So, instead of setting the price first, how can you find out the right price when th

Demand Curves and Shifts

The demand for new motor homes in the United States is highly cyclical and sensitive to diesel fuel prices and interest rates. Given these characteristics, describe the effect of each of the following on the quantity demanded or the demand for new motor homes. Indicate whether the effect of each of the following is an upward o

Money Supply vs Interest Rate Targets

(Money Supply Versus Interest Rate Targets) Assume that the economy's real GDP is growing. What will happen to money demand over time? If the Fed leaves the money supply unchanged, what will happen to the interest rate over time? If the Fed changes the money supply to match the change in money demand, what will h

Economic/Political/Tax Supply and Demand

Suppose you are an aid to a government official deciding on some recently proposed excise tax on the welfare of her constituents. One way of measuring the impact on her constituents is to determine how that tax change affects the level of consumer surplus enjoyed by her citizens in her area. By using a formal analysis and estima


See attached file for full problem description. --- 17-10 10. (External Costs) Use the data in the table to the right to answer the following questions. a. What is the external cost per unit of production? b. What level will be produced if there is no regulation of the externality?

Competitive Equilibrium

(See attached files for full problem description) There are ten firms in a competitive industry, each with MC= 40-12q + q2 . Average cost is minimized at q=12 and Average Variable Cost is Minimized at q=9 for each firm. Demand for the product is given by P=160-Q, where Q represents industry output. A. Explain why the ind

Production and Cost curves questions and Market Structures questions

Answer all three questions. 1. Discuss short and long run costs. For the short run discuss the relationship between cost theory and production theory and the concept of diminishing returns --- what is diminishing returns and how does it shape production and cost curves. Then, discuss the relationship between short run cost cu

Extreme Diversity in Pay

Why do we have such extreme diversity in pay in the US---sport stars, actors, others making very high salaries while others make much less? What does economic theory tell us on this topic?

Important information about Demand and Supply Curves

2 A ) Every demand curve must eventually hit the quantity axis because with limited incomes there is always a price so high that there is no demand for the good. B) If the elasticity of demand for long-distance calls is 1.5 and the price of long- distance calls falls by 20 percent as a result of increased competition from th

I don't understand how to complete part two of the following question

I am confused as to how to complete question 6. Not sure if i have the correct values, and if so, how to calculate the producer, consumer and social surplus. Also, lost on the per unit tax of 10 per unit and per unit subsidy of 50 per unit. Please find work and questions attached. --- 5) Supply P = 2Q + 170 Demand P

Economics of Internet

1. You are the Chief Economist of the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice. There is a single producer of streaming video services that has a patent on the technology so that no one else can provide the service. But it only works on high speed access services. Assume that there is also a single provider of high spee

I need help answering some questions on the beef Industry

I need your HELP answering this questions: 1. I need a brief history of the beef (cattle) Industry in the US 2. I need an overview (how the beef Industry stands now and how the beef Industry is doing now) 3. I need a SWOTT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats and Trends) analysis of the beef Industry 4 Is

I need help answering some questions on Fundamentals of economics

I need your HELP answering these questions: 1. Explain how the circular flow diagram illustrates the interaction of households, governments, and business? 2. Illustrate market equilibrium using supply and demand curves? 3. Differentiate between movement along and shift of the demand curve? 4.Explain the relationship

Price Increase/Decrease

What would happen to the price of a pair of jeans if the following happened? Belts for jeans went up? Many styles of jeans are introduced? A new sewing machine is invented and will reduce production costs? The age of jean buyers increases and they do not like your style of jeans? Unemployment decreases?

Competition and Labor Markets

Explain and discuss why the characteristics of the labor markets should result in the same wage rate for all jobs requiring the same level of abilities and skills? Why are earnings on the labor market are not always proportional to abilities? Demand for good workers = high pay demand for low workers = low pay Not proporti

Cost of living Disparities in the US

Why are there significant disparities in the cost of living throughout the US? Unfortunately, I am somewhat lost on this one. I cannot think of one definitive answer to this question. I would think the lack of industry would play an important part in regional differences. Poor education such as that in Louisianna would be a m

Oligopoly Quantity competition

Firm A is the dominant firm in a market where industry demand is given by Qd = 48-4P. There are four "follower" firms, each with long-run marginal cost given by MC= 6 + Qf. Firm A's long run marginal cost is 6. a. Write the expression for the total supply curve of the followers (qs) as this depends on price. (Remember, e