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Supply and Demand

Effect of the price of the yen in terms of dollars

Using a separate supply and demand diagram for each part, illustrate the effect of the price of the yen in terms of dollars of each of the following (hint: you will have the dollar price of the yen on the vertical axis0: a. Lower Japanese price level b. Fast Japanese economic growth c. High Japane

Supply and demand decisions for a firm

Problem 1 Suppose a firm has the following demand equation: Q = 1,000 - 3,000P + 10A, where Q = quantity demanded P = product price (in dollars) A = advertising expenditures (in dollars) Assume for the questions below that P = $3 and A = $2,000 1. Suppose the firm dropped the pric

Price/Quantity/demand/ surplus or shortage

Please help with the following economic development problem. Demand and Supply curves. The following relations describe demand and supply conditions in the wheat industry: Qd=5,500-1,000P (demand) Qs=-4,500+1,500P (supply) Where Q is quantity measured in millions of bushels and P is the price in dollars.

Macroeconomic Questions

1. What specific standard is applied to a company whose only contact with a forum state is through its Internet site? If you had an eBusiness, what could you do in order to limit your liability to suit in multiple jurisdictions? How could it be set up? In your opinion, would your plan be ethical? Why or why not? 2. Name o

Crude Oil Supply/Demand

Here are the questions that everyone should discuss: 1) When will the world run out of proven reserves of crude oil ? Pick one of the answers below, and explain clearly why you picked this answer. A) In 1,317/31 = 42 years. B) Never C) It cannot be determined. 2) When will the world run out o

Social Welfare Concepts

Indicate whether each of the following statements is true or false, and explain why. A. In competitive market equilibrium, social welfare is measured by the net benefits derived from consumption and production as measured by the difference between consumer surplus and producer surplus. B. The market supply curve indicates

Cost Estimation

2. Of the 2 approaches (below) to cost estimation, which in your view likely produces the most reliable estimates? Explain The engineering approach to cost estimation is based on the least cost available technology needed to achieve a given level of abatement. The survey approach to cost estimation relies on estimated ab

Managerial Economics - Set of multiple choice questions.

5. Suppose total benefits and total costs are given by B(Y) = 100Y-8Y(squared) and C(Y)=10Y(squared). What is the maximum level of net benefits? A. 92 B. 139 C. 78 D. None of the above 8. Which of the following is the incorrect statement? A. The marginal benefits curve is the slope of the total benefits c

A change in the supply, demand, and pricing of cotton

Locate an article pertaining to a change in the supply, demand, and pricing of a particular product or service. Utilizing the economic theories, prepare a paper in which you summarize the article and explain why changes occurred in supply, demand, and price.

5 questions on economics

1. Using the concepts of marginal costs and marginal revenues, explain why economic profits are maximized where marginal revenue equals marginal cost and why profits decline if the price is above or below the profit maximizing price. 2. Using the concepts of demand, supply, equilibrium, and price ceilings, explain why a short

Microeconomic Questions

2. Suppose that the following table describes prices, incomes, and per person lobster consumption in three U.S. cities. City Per Person Income Lobster Price Per Person Consumption Boston MA High Mod High San Fran CA High High Medium Boothbay Harbor ME Low Mod Low Use the concepts of opportunit

How fixed exchange rates interfere with monetary policy

A South America country with fixed exchange rate system has close economic ties with the USA symbolized by extensive trade and unrestricted flow of capital between the two countries. The economy of this country is in recession and the president of the country tries to get the central bank to intervene and help the economy out o

Balance of Payments and Equation

A. The U.S. dollar exchange rate can be influenced by changes in the current account, the capital account and official reserve transactions. For each of the following changes in the table below indicate what account do you think it influences and why do you believe so. b. Does the dollar appreciate or depreciate as a result


The federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) tax is a payroll tax that finances Social Security and MEdicare. By law, employees each contribute 7.65% of the employees wages toward the programs. Note that the tax rate is 15.3% of wages and the tax payments are equally divided between employers and employees. Would an econom

Oil Industry Research

I am in the process of writing a 2000 word paper that provides an economic profile of the oil industry. I am looking for a overview of the oil industry (economically), and also how the economy affects the success of the oil industry as well as how it can influence the industry in a negative way.

Supply and Demand Graph/Problem

Assume there is a market for an industrial compound, Weon. This industrial compound is used as an input for the production of cleaning agents. a. Draw a correctly labeled graph of supply and demand showing the equilibrium price and quantity. Also clearly identify the equilibrium in this market. b. Suppose the manu

Effects of international trade on American Labor summary

What are the effects on American wages and purchasing power of the continued outsourcing of labor overseas. What are some of the reasons for these trends. What effect has this trend had on the American workforce; especially the working class?

Discuss the barriers to entry into an industry. Demand Curves.

1. Discuss the barriers to entry into an industry. Explain how each barrier can foster either monopoly or oligopoly. Which barriers, if any, do you feel give rise to monopoly that is socially justifiable? 2. How does the demand curve faced by a purely monopolistic seller differ from that confronting a purely competitive f

Microeconomic Questions

1. "Monopolistic competition is monopolistic up to the point at which consumers become willing to buy close-substitute products and competitive beyond that point." Explain 2. "Competition in quality and service may be just as effective as price competition in giving buyers more for their money." Do you agree? Why? Explai

Microeconomics Problems

1. Consider a competitive industry consisting of 100 identical firms each with the following cost schedule: Output Total Cost 0 300 1 400 2 450 3 510 4 590 5 700 6 840 7 1020 8 1250 9 1540 10 1900 Market demand is given by the following schedule: Price: $360 290 230 180 140 110 80 Quantity Demanded: 400 500 60

Economics Questions

3. If the dollar appreciated in real terms against the euro by 2% in a year, and in same year, inflation rates in the U.S. and the euro zone were 3% and 1%, what would be the percent change in the value of the dollar relative to the euro in nominal terms? a. appreciated 6% b. appreciated 4% c. appreciated 2% d. no

Microeconomics Questions

1. Suppose that a union's goal is to maximize the total wage income received by union workers, namely, the average union wage times the number of union workers employed. To achieve this goal, the union should: (Decrease the union wage rate if labor demand is inelastic and increase the wage rate if labor demand is elastic, Decrea

Production Cost and Profit Maximization

Production Cost and Profit Maximization: 1. Fill in the following table from the data given below: TC MC ATC AFC TVC AVC 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 a. AFC for 8 units of output is 4.5. b. AVC for 4 units of output is 15. c. TC is increased by 14 when the 5th un

Non tariff trade barriers

The table below are the demand and supply schedules for television sets in Venezuela, a "small" nation that is unable to affect world prices. Price per TV set Quantity Demanded Quantity Supplied $100 900 0 200 700