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International Policies

Choose one and discuss and explain which of the four types of markets (perfect competition, monopoly, monopolistic competition, and oligopoly) best characterizes the market in which they compete.

Below you will find a list of well-known companies and the products that they sell. Choose one and discuss and explain which of the four types of markets (perfect competition, monopoly, monopolistic competition, and oligopoly) best characterizes the market in which they compete. As the discussion continues through the week, feel

Strategies Firms Use to Extract Consumer Surplus From Consumers

Please use an example to explain the strategies firms use to extract more consumer surplus from consumers. It should not be from a textbook.A short description will be helpful! Thank you! My text is Microeconomic Analysis, Third Edition by Hal R. Varian.

Economics Discussion Questions

Why will voluntary actions, undertaken at the individual level, be unlikely to bring about significant reductions in greenhouse gases such as CO(2)? Does the fact that the CO(2) produced in one nation results in adverse effects on other nations have any bearing on the likelihood that CO(2) emissions will be reduced to the opt

Efficient Pollution Control - Effluent Fees and Transferable Permits

Four firms located at different points on a river dump various quantities of effluent into it. The effluent adversely affects the quality of swimming for homeowners who live downstream. These people can build swimming pools to avoid swimming in the river, and firms can purchase filters that eliminate harmful chemicals in the m

Global Investment

1. Determine Gibson's cost of capital and required rate of return for the joint venture in Brazil. 2. Determine the discrete probability distribution of Gibson's Net Present Value for this joint venture and calculate the Expected Net Present Value. 3. Would you recommend that Gibson participate in the joint venture? Explain.

Economics Inquiries

The behavior of the M1 velocity of money in recent years can be explained by a. stability of interest rates b. a low and stable rate of inflation c. monetary policy that has been successful in stabilizing the economy d. financial innovation creating new substitutes for money M1 e. a large number of banks and savings and loa

Foreign income investment

Consider the following model of a small open economy: C = Ca + 0.8(Y - T) Ca = 260 - 10r T = 200 + 0.25Y Ip = 300 - 30r G = 460 X = 400 - 3e + 0.1Yf M =210 + 2e +0.1Y Ms/P = 200 (M/P)d = 0.4Y - 48r Where X = exports, M = imports, e = the real exchange rate=50, Yf = foreign income = 2000 and all other variables

Profit Margin and ROE

A. Describe some of the advantages and disadvantages of ROE as a measure of corporate profitability. What is a typical level of ROE, and how does one know if the ROE reported by a given company reflects an adequate return on investment? B. Define the profit margin, total asset turnover, and financial leverag

These questions completely baffle me

1. Explain the difference between the real exchange rate and the nominal exchange rate. 2a. If a Japanese car costs 500,000 yen, if a similar Canadian-produced car costs $10,000, and if a dollar can buy 100 yen, what are the nominal and real exchange rates? 2b. Explain the relationship among saving, investment, and net

US Economics Policy

The manager of a paper mill is preparing for her most important test yet. On Tuesday morning, she must testify before a senate committee to "justify" the firm's high price. One Senator is particularly angry with the firm because its price is twice the firm's marginal cost. On Tuesday afternoon, the manager is scheduled to appear

Public education and achievement levels

America spends more on each student in public education (k-12) than any other developed nation and yet performs at the bottom of every international student achievement test. How can we get every child up to the 10% of student achievement in the world?

Financial Statement Analyis

6. Exhibit 13C1-2 contains summarized data regarding Coke's other bottling affiliates (excluding Enterprises) accounted for using the equity method. Discuss the expected effect of: (i) Full consolidation on Coke's financial statements.

Trade liberalization

Discuss the following argument: Trade liberalization makes poor countries worse off because it displaces domestic production. It would be better to protect the fledgling domestic manufacturers from import competition in order to promote industrial development. (Note: trade liberalization refers to the removal of tariff