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McDonald's: Market Structure

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Below you will find a list of well-known companies and the products that they sell. Choose one and discuss and explain which of the four types of markets (perfect competition, monopoly, monopolistic competition, and oligopoly) best characterizes the market in which they compete. As the discussion continues through the week, feel free to debate with your colleagues.

McDonald's - hamburgers
Exxon-Mobil - gasoline
Dell - personal computers
Heinz - ketchup
Procter & Gamble - disposable diapers
Kodak - photographic film
Starbucks - gourmet coffee
Domino's - pizza
Intel - computer chip for the PC

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//The given discussion is based on the different types of market structures. In this series, the discussion is made about a particular Organization. The Organization selected for this discussion is McDonald. Before describing the market structure of the Company, it is essential to understand the business of the Company.//

Introduction: About McDonald's

McDonald's...is one of the chief international retailers for providing foodservice. There are more than 30,000 local restaurants which cater to 52 million people with world class fast-food in more than 100 countries every day. McDonald's chain is spread worldwide, with 30,000 local restaurants. 70 % restaurants of Mc Donald's are local and independent franchisee, own and operate globally. Among the most precious and renowned brands of the world, McDonald's is one. Approximately, on all the countries where McDonald's is operating its services, it gets hold of a major share in the global renowned quick service restaurant industry of the informal eat out market.

//After having a good understanding of the business of the firm, in the next section of the discussion, the market structure of McDonald is explained. In this series, the ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 711 words with references.