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Factors of Production

How does Microeconomics relate to water pollution?

I'm writing an essay about water pollution in my microeconomics class. How does microeconomics relate to water pollution? For example, Elasticity, supply and demand, Tax...etc. Please help and please reply it within 3-4 hours!!! Thank you so much!!!! THIS IS THE QUESTION OF MY ESSAY Poisoned Water - Analyze the econ


Fast Track Bikes, Inc., is thinking of developing a new composite road bike. Development will take six years and the cost is $200,000 per year. Once in production, the bike is expected to make $300,000 per year for 10 years. a. Assume the cost of capital is 10%. i. Calculate the NPV of this investment opportunity. Shou

Aurora Industries

Aurora Industries manufactures a hand-held electric hair dryer. Sales have steadily increased during the recent past and, as a result of a just-completed expansion program, Aurora has annual capacity now of 250,000 units. Production and sales during the coming year are forecast at 150,000 units. Standard production costs have be

Managerial Economics Problem

Stylus, Inc. produces an electric hand mixer which has been very successful in the market. Annual capacity is 500,000 units. Sales and production for the coming year are predicted to be 400,000 units. Standard production costs are estimated as follows: Materials $6.50; Direct labor $4.00; Variable indirect labor $2.00; Fixed

Production Theory Functions

Please open the word file to view the mathematical notations. Question Consider a firm with production function . (a) Sketch the isoquant diagram of this firm. (b) Derive the marginal rate of technical substitution between the two inputs. What is the relationship between the marginal rate of technical substitution an

Economics problem and topic idea

What are economies of scale? Give an example. What are the graphic relationships among fixed, variable, total, average, and marginal costs? What is the relationship between productivity, cost of inputs, and the cost of production? Can you give me a good topic to write this paper on? I am at a blank with this paper. 1)

Supply - Long Run

13. Which of the following applies most generally to supply in the long run? a. Average cost must decline. b. Sellers are able to make adjustments in all of their factors of production. c. Sellers are only able to make adjustments in their variable factors of production. d. All original sellers will l

Production Possibilites Curve

If the rate of high school drop outs increases, the production possibilities curve would: shift inward along one axis shift inward along both the horizontal and vertical axis shift outward along both the horizontal and vertical axis shift outward long one axis

Long Run-Short Run

I am trying to understand long run vs short run in terms of Microsoft. The question is can Microsoft earn short run economic profits, and can it sustain long run economic profits. Why or Why Not?

Financial Accounting

9. What is the basic C-V-P equation? What is a more detailed version of this equation? 10. What is the contribution margin, and why is it important for managers to know the contribution margins of their products? 11. How much will profits increase for every unit sold over the break-even point? 12. What is the major

Macroeconomic Questions

See attached file for full problem description. 2. The following outline provides a complete description of all economic activity in Trivialand for 2004. Draw up versions of Tables 3 and 4 for Trivialand showing GDP computed in two different ways. I. There are thousands of farmers but only two big business firms in Trivia

Break-even, operating leverage, average cost analysis

Could someone please help me complete the attached spreadsheets? I have attached information concerning the calculations the must be derived. The yellow highlighted parts are the parts I finished, could you check them to make sure they are correct? I need all rows and columns that are blank to be completed. There are two pages

Production function, MC, AVC, TC, lagrangian multipliers

(See attached file for full problem description) --- Consider the original following production function: f(x) = x ^ 1/3 but now there is a fixed cost of F per year that the firm has already paid for this year. a) assuming W = 1 and F = 2, draw the marginal cost function (MC), average variable cost (AVC) a

Different levels of automation for quality control inspection of production

We need to evaluate the different levels of automation for quality control inspection of production. Option 1: Manual - assign a number of employees along the conveyor belt to manually inspect and remove defective products. Option 2: Semi-automation - use fewer employees to inspect with less checkpoints required. Machine

Question and example

What problems would a firm have in determining its optimal level of production. Give three examples of industries and what factors would influence their ability to estimate the optimal level of production.


1. Which of the following would be the best investment based on present value? Assume an annual discount rate of 16% a. An investment that pays $5,000 at the end of each year for 6 years, assuming annual compounding. b. An investment that pays $1,225 at the end of each quarter for 6 years, assuming quarterly compounding c.

Indonesian Case Study 1 of 3

As discussed, please find question 1 below. Identify and assess the importance of the non-market factors that have influenced the operation of Lenzing AG's joint venture (SPV) in Indonesia.

Microeconomic Value of Public Goods

OK. So - you are elected President and you need to estimate the value of... let's say... Homeland Security. No one argues whether we need to protect our country from attack (no one rational anyway). So how can you attach a value to it? What are your ideas? 2) What is the problem with determining the value of a public good

comparing the value of food with the value of electricity

A river has been used to irrigate farm land. A 3000 megawatt, coal-fired electric generating plant which would require about 40,000 acre-feet of water per year from the river. Operating the generating plant would mean less water for agriculture. The first part of the question is: which is more efficient use of the water fr

Cost table with graphs using excel

Using the following demand schedule, calculate total revenue, marginal revenue and own-price elasticity of demand. Then show the relation among marginal revenue, price and elasticity of demand. Quantity Marginal Elasticity Price Demanded Revenue Of Demand $60 8 50 16 40 24 30