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    Industry Overview - Ford

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    Organization/Industry Overview

    Prepare a 500- 600 word organization/industry overview of your selected organization, which is Ford.

    1. The market in which the organization/industry operates,

    2. Any issues or opportunities that the organization/industry faces.

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    Ford Motors is one of the biggest and most well known automobile companies of the world. It stands fourth on the Fortune 500 list. Ford has been in the market for years now and it has created a good brand name for itself. The company has always concentrated a lot on the society and has contributed when the society has been in times of distress. Ford has been very supportive and this can be proved by the fact that they contributed generously after the September 11th attacks (Willie, 2002). Ford Motors has been in the industry for a long time now and faces a lot of competition both locally as well as globally. It is essential that we understand the importance for a company to have a global presence. With the growing awareness of the global markets, it is very important that companies do not limit their business to one particular market but start to expand worldwide. As in the case of Ford, the company has grown across the world and has created brand awareness all across. It has ensured to cater to all markets in accordance with the needs of the specific market. Ford is an American Based company, with its head office located in Dearborn Michigan. Ford has grown into markets in Europe, Asia Pacific, South America and Africa and Middle East markets. The company faces competition from companies like Aston Martin, Mercedes, General Motors, Chrysler, Toyota, Audi, Daewoo, Honda, Porsche, etc., globally and in the local markets the company ...

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