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Ford Motor Company: Market, Issues, and Opportunities

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I need to write a paper on the overview of Ford Motor Company.

I need the issues below addressed:

The market in which it operates.
The issues and any opportunities the company/industry faces.

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About Ford

Ford is one of the largest carmakers and has a product line of eight different carlines which holds to be very impressive to the vehicle consumer. Some of these brands include Jaguar, Aston Martin, Land Rover etc. It is also involved in financing its products through its subsidiary Ford Motor credit. (www.yahoo.com). The major competitors of Ford are GM, Toyota, Daimler Chrysler, Honda, and Hyundai. Since few years it's facing lot of challenges and its financial performance has also gone down.

1. Major Issues
Ford's last five year growth has not been so impressive, as we see in the following table:

Return On Equity (5-Year Avg.) =3.2 %
Return On Assets (5-Year Avg.) = 0.2 %
Return On Capital (5-Year Avg.)= 0.3 %

The investment returns on equity, capital and assets has been marginal. Also if we compare to its competitors in the following table, its performance has been inferior to the Toyota and Daimler.

General Motors Toyota Motors DAIMLER CHRYSLER
Return On Equity (5-Year Avg.) = -1.7% 12.4 % 4.9%
Return On Assets (5-Year Avg.)= -.2% 4.4% 0.9%
Return On Capital (5-Year Avg.)= -.2% 6.8% 1.5%
Ford is a huge organization and its size and culture is becoming a stumbling block for innovation and growth. Thus its human resource management systems have to be improved as per the best practices of the industry as its performance is not up to the mark. According to Fortune, it's extremely vital that ...

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