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Airline Industry

Please assist me with a 400 to 450 word essay that will provide a brief history of the airline industry, plus an industry overview, and a SWOTT analysis of the airline industry. Please include references.

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The history of the airlines industry mainly began after the world war II when the first airlines were set up in Europe. It is believed that the first successful airline was the DELAG set up in November 16, 1909 having its headquarters at Frankfurt. One of the oldest airlines that exist even now is KLM that was set up in 1920. In the US initial commercial airlines during 1920s focused mainly on carrying mail-bags. The first profitable airline was run by Ford and used the Ford Trimotor. The US airline industry grew strongly when the Boeing 247 and Douglas DC-3 were introduced in 1930s.

Presently the industry is affected by high fuel prices and danger from terrorist attacks. There are several ways of tackling increasing fuel prices. On one extreme the airlines charge these to the consumer, on the other extreme are ...

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