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    Delta Airlines: Porter's Five Forces

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    Research an airline company and give a brief overview of the company, identify the industry it is a part of, and complete a Five Forces Industry Analysis.

    Include the following:
    - A brief company background of the company
    - Identification of the industry the company is a part of and give a brief overview of that industry
    - Complete a Five Forces Industry Analysis of the industry identified to include:
    - A one or two sentence explanation of each force
    - Indication if the force is high or low for the industry
    - A brief justification of why you believe the force to be high or low

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    Delta Airlines Overview
    Delta Airlines is an airline that serves over 160 million customers over the course of a year (About delta, 2012). They are a company that offers flights to over 340 destinations in 60 countries (About delta, 2012). Fortune Magazine proclaimed Delta the most admired airline in 2011 and their popularity has been increasing since (Corporate information, 2012). Delta has three main competitors in the industry; AMA Corporation which owns American Airlines, Air Tran Airways, and Air Canada (Hoovers, 2012). These companies provide intense competition in the airline industry.

    Overview of the Airline Industry
    The airline industry has changed the face of travel not only in the United States, but around the world. The first commercial airlines were set up in Europe after World War II and they have picked up steam from that point (The airline industry, 2012). The industry is in a very intensely competitive market, and has been for many years. The market is so intense that many countries control the industry (The airline industry, 2012). This control is not so in the United States, as airlines are privately owned. There are four basic ...

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    This solution analyzes Delta Airlines using the five forces model. It contains 729 words and 4 references and covers the company background and an industry overview. There is also a brief analysis of the areas in the industry where the forces are high and low.