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Economics of water pollution

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I'm writing an essay about water pollution in my microeconomics class. How does microeconomics relate to water pollution? For example, Elasticity, supply and demand, Tax...etc.
Please help and please reply it within 3-4 hours!!! Thank you so much!!!!


Poisoned Water - Analyze the economic issues facing our U.S. water system.

I will be looking for a 5 paragraph essay that includes an introduction, three supporting paragraphs, and a brief summary. The length of your essays will vary, but try to shoot for approximately 2 typed pages.

Please include a qualitative graph. Note: A qualitative graph illustrates a concept and does not include real "data". (See your textbook for excellent examples of qualitative graphs.) Your graphs should be integrated within your essay. Do not submit a separate document for your graph!

Cite any additional sources you used in your research.

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Water pollution is an example of a negative externality. This is a market failure that results when the price of production is not fully factored into the production process. In the case of water pollution, chemicals generated during the production process are being discharged into waterways. ...

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Discussion of pollution as it relates to taxes and externalities

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