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The Customer Service Perspective

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Review this article, and then prepare an analysis of how these companies implemented the balanced scorecard and its apparent effects.

1. Introduction: On what specific customer perspectives did each company focus, and what measures did each company use to ascertain how well it was meeting the goals implied by those specific perspectives?

2. Analysis: In your opinion, are these measures truly "customer-centric" as described in the background reading by Barber? Why or why not? Defend your position. Use your readings to help you decide whether the improved performance was due to viewing the company from the perspective of their potential, prospective, and/or present customers.

3. Conclusion: From the companies' point of view, do you think their effort to evaluate the business from the customer's perspective was the KEY contributor to improved performance? If so, defend your position. Or was another perspective more important? If so, which one was the KEY contributor? Defend your position.

4. Evaluation: Identify at least one measure you would have included that they omitted. In other words, how could you have improved on their approach?

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