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    Logic Design

    Black Box Concept

    1. This chapter describes a black box (see below) concept that allows more detail to be shown as a process is exploded. Can the concept be applied in business management generally, or is it limited to information systems design? Provide reasons and examples with your answer. *In data flow diagrams (DFDs), a process symbol

    Designing a logic configuration.

    How to design a logic configuration which will operate, on a bit-by-bit basis, and determine the correct comparison after n(=4) clock pulses. XILINX (programme) can be used to design such configuration. If any one can help me with this, I would be very grateful, Thank you in advance. --- (See attached file for full pro

    Ripple up counter - Logic Design

    Using positive edge-triggered D-type bistables with clear and preset terminals (74LS74) and some logic, design a MOD-6 ripple-up (0,1,2,3,4,5,0...) counter that can also be manually reset with an external push button. 1. Draw the circuit block diagram, labelling the LSB & MSB. 2. Ignoring the generation of glitches, briefly

    Logic Expression Statements

    Please state the following statements as logic expressions. 1. If it is raining, then I will bring my umbrella. 2. I will bring my umbrella only if it is raining. 3. If it is cloudy or raining, then I will bring my umbrella. 4. I will get wet only if I forget my umbrella and it is raining. 5. Umbrellas are useful if and o

    C+ programing

    Write a program that includes a function PICNIC() that will accept a floating-point number TOTAL and the addresses of the interger variables HOTDOGS, HAMBURGERS,SALAD,PICKLES. The passed floating-point number represents the TOTAL amount of money to be spent on food. The function is to determine the quantity of HOTDOGS, HAMBURGER