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data flow diagrams (DFDs) - Black Box Concept

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1. This chapter describes a black box (see below) concept that allows more detail to be shown as a process is exploded. Can the concept be applied in business management generally, or is it limited to information systems design? Provide reasons and examples with your answer.

*In data flow diagrams (DFDs), a process symbol can be referred to as a black box, becase the inputs, outputs, and general funcions of the process are known, but the underlying details and logic of the process are hidden. By showing processes as black boxes, an analyst can create DFDs that show how the system functions, but avoic unnecessary detail and clutter.*

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The black box concept can be applied in business management generally.


Business management involves the management of each individual business activities, each of which can ...

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This job advises data flow diagrams (DFDs).

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