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UML notation solutions

1. The package on the left contains the classes in a payroll system. The package on the right is a payroll tax subsystem. a. What technique would you use to integrate the tax subsystem into the payroll system? b. Show how you would solve the problem. c. Show what modifications you would make to the existing classes or what

Inventory Units Purchase Reports

1. Dana Hirsch, manager of The Waterfront Bistro, has asked you to review the Inventory Units Purchased report and modify it to make it more readable and to view as much data as possible in one window. 2. Make the following changes: a. Freeze panes so you can scroll the worksheet without losing the column and row headings.

Protocol should take into account the following situations: Messages

Design and describe an application-level protocol to be used between an automatic teller machine and a bank's centralized computer. Your protocol should allow a user's card and password to be verified, the account balance (which is maintained at the centralized computer) to be queried, and an account withdrawal to be made (that

Comp Sci

1. Use Run-Length encoding to compress the following: 00110 00000 00000 10001 Note: Two different approaches to run length encoding were presented. You may use either approach for this problem. 2. Using front-end compression to reduce the data storage requirements for the following list. Uncompressed Compressed

Selective-Reject ARQ Systems

Consider a selective-reject ARQ system with a window size of 3. a) Circle (or shade or bold) the sender window after frames 0 through 3 have been sent and ACK 2 has been received 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 0 b) Circle (or shade or bold) the sender windows after frames 4 through 6 have been transmitted, ACK 5 and N

Excel 3 questions

Please see attached excel sheet for div sheets. 1.In the Sales by Div sheet, only the Qtr subtotals should be displayed, Do not show the details. 2.In Totals & Averages sheet, please add average shown as belowPlease refer to word for questions and make correction to excel sheet. 3.In column C of the Div Awards sheet,


I LIKE THE HELP OF AN OTA PLEASE. The Fastgro Fertilizer Company distributes fertilizer to various lawn and garden shops. The company must base its quarterly production schedule on a forecast of how many tons of fertilizer will be demand from it. The company has gathered the following data for the past three years from its sale

Hand Held Video Game

I need to design a control unit for a simple hand held video game in which a character on the display catches objects. I only need to show the transition diagram...NOT A CIRCUIT! The input to the control unit is a two-bit vector in which 00 means "move left", 01 means "move right", 10 means "do not move" and 11 means "halt."

Adding five bit two's complement numbers

I need to show the results of adding the following pairs of five-bit(i.e., one sign bit and four data bits) two's complement numbers and indicate whether or not overflow occurs for each case a. 10110 + 10111 = b. 11110 + 11101 = c. 11111 + 01111 = Thanks so much!