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    Ho would I find the value of the symmetric key in the following protocol and also the value of R1 and R2 respectively?

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    In the Diffie-Helman protocol, g=7, p=23, x=3, and y=5.
    a) What is the value of the symmetric key?
    b) What is the value of R1 and R2?

    Possible Variations of the initial data

    1) g=5, p=19, x=7, and y=3
    2) g=11, p=31, x=3, and y=9
    3) g=7, p=43, x=5, and y=7

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    g=7, p=23, x=3, y=5
    R1=(g^x mod p)=(7^3 mod 23)=21
    R2=(g^y mod p)=(7^5 mod 23)=17
    The symmetric key is
    (17^3 mod 23) = (21^5 ...