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Working with a voltage divider network

The voltage divider network of Figure 2.37 (attached file) is expected to provide 5 V at the output. The resistors, however, may not be exactly the same; that is, their tolerances are such that the resistances may not be exactly 5 kΩ.

a) If the resistors have ± 10 percent tolerance, find the worst-case output voltages.
b) Find these voltages for tolerances of ±5 percent.

Given: v= 10 V, R1= 5 kΩ, R2= 5 kΩ.

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a) if the resistance value is at +10% from the original value,

R = R + 10% of R = 1.10 R = 1.1*5 = 5.5 Kohm

In this case, the voltages can be calculated using ohm's law.

Current in the circuit = V/R = 10/(5.5+5.5) = 10/11k = 0.909 mA

So the voltage across each resistor V = 0.909mA * ...

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