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    A Series RC circuit is analysed and questions answered

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    A circuit (SEE ATTACHMENT) consists of a switch, a series resistance of R = 50 Ohms, connected to a parallel arrangement of two capacitors of 6 uF and 3 uF. The supply voltage source is 10V DC

    PART A: Calculate the time constant of the circuit

    PART B: What is the current flowing through the resistor straight after the switch is closed? Explain your answer.

    PART C: After a long time How much energy is stored in the 6 uF capacitor?

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    PART A: Solution.

    First calculate the total capacitance presented by the parallel capacitor network.

    As we can simply add capacitances in parallel to derive a total capacitance C(tot) we can derive C(tot) as below

    C(tot) = 6 uF + 3 uF = 9 uF = 9 x 10^-6 F

    We know series resistance is R = 50 Ohms

    Thus time constant T = R*C(tot) = 50 x 9 x ...

    Solution Summary

    An example of a series to parallel RC circuit is presented with a switch and a DC power battery source. The solution shows how to work out a number of things including the time constant of the circuit in question, the current that initially flows through the resistor after the switch is closed and the final energy stored in one of the capacitors. A step by step solution is provided to show how each of the answers are obtained.