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    Reaction Stoichiometry

    Stoichiometry: Dissolving of Limestone

    In a location in Florida, water seeping into the ground contains 50 times as much carbon dioxide as rainwater. This ground water passes through a limestone deposit and ultimately into an underground spring. The spring has a flow rate of 2500 liters per second. How much limestone (CaCO3) in metric tons will be dissolved in this

    Stoichiometry Reaction Maximum Amount

    I have a couple of problems that I am struggling with. For the reaction 2NO+O2->2 NO2 what is the maximum amount (in g's) of NO2 which could be formed from 6.49g of NO and 18.8 g or O2? For the reaction 2CO+O2->2CO2 what is the maximum amount (in units of mol.) of CO2 which could be formed from 16.02g of CO and 1.16g of

    Using Stoichiometry Ratios

    Reaction: 5C + 2SO2 -> CS2 + 4CO Questions: 1) How many moles of CS2 are there for when 2.7 moles of C reacts? 2) How many moles of carbon are needed to react with 5.44 moles of SO2? 3) How many moles of carbon monoxide form at the same time that .246 moles of CS2 forms? 4) How many moles of SO2 are required to make 118

    Stoichiometry Question

    Stoichiometry Question NASAs long term plans for sending astronauts to Mars involves an ISRU strategy. ISRU is in-situ resource utilization and means that to the extent possible, chemical resources already on Mars will be utilized. The Martian atmosphere contains about 95.3% carbon dioxide. According to one NASA plan, hydroge