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    Upper and Lower Bounds of Options

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    Production cost, upper bound and overhead

    Estimate the production cost for a simple product you may purchase,Try costing a product with fewer than 10 components such as a floppy disk, a pen, a jackknife, or a baby's toy. One reasonable upper bound for your estimate, including overhead is the wholesale price(between 50 percent and70 percent of retail)

    Value inventories

    Why is it necessary to value inventories using the lower of cost or market? Given an example where this would be necessary.

    Slacks on the Lower Path

    12. (see diagram in attached file) a. For the accompanying network, if there is slack of +6 on the upper path, what is the slack on the lower path? b. if the slack is -4 on the upper path, what is the slack on the lower path? (see diagram in attached file)

    Lower-of-cost-or-market & Installment Notes Payable

    Kidd's Shoes sells four styles of children's canvas tennis shoes. Information about Kidd's May 31 ending inventory of these four styles is given below: Style Units in Ending Inventory Cost per Unit Current Replacement Cost 456 50 $20 $18 489

    Lower taxes on dividends and capital gains can help hasten an economic recovery?

    Tax rates on both dividends and capital gains have been cut down to historical lows. Maximum tax rate on both dividends and capital gains is now set at 15%. Policy makers agreed to such a reduction hoping to see faster economic recovery, and further job growth. These policy makers would like to get your expert opinion on this is

    Bounds for analytic functions

    If p(z)=a0+a1z+.....+anz^n ia a polynomial and max|p(z)|=M for |z|=1, show that each coefficient ak is bounded by M. Note:(a0 means a subscript 0, a1z means a subscript 1 times z, anz^n means a subscript n times z to the n power, and ak means a subscript k)

    Lower Measures

    True or False problem. m_* (A) = Sup sum_i | M_i| ( U M_i is subset of A) Where m_* is the inner measure M_i doesn't equal M_j for i doesn't equal j ( i.e, they are disjoint) Prove it or show a counterexample and explain it to show how the equality doesn't hold.

    Upper Half Plane

    Let . Let be real numbers with . Show that , is 1-1 and onto. See the attached file.

    Upper bounds of a non-empty set

    Let S be a non-empty set of real numbers, and prove that the following statements are equivalent: (1) If v is any upper bound of S, then u <= v (read as "u is less than or equal to v"). (2) If z < u, then z is not an upper bound of S. (3) If z < u, then there exists s_z (read as "s sub z") in S such that z < s_z. (4) If ep

    Lower Hemicontinuity

    Please determine whether or not the 2 correspndences is lower hemicontinuous and please justify why (using definition/proof of lower hemicontinuity): 1)F:R^2->R^2, F(u)={x: x o u =0} 2)F:R^n{0}->R^n, F(x)=B(x;||x||), the closed ball centred at x with radius ||x||. Thanks Note: o is the dot product is the complem

    Contracts: The Pump Division

    The Pump Division The Pump Division has one plant dedicated to the design and manufacture of large, highly technical, customized pumps. Typically the contract life (production cycle) is one to three years. Most original equipment (OE) orders are obtained by preparing and submitting a bid proposal from a cost estimate analysis

    Bessel and Legendre's Equations - Finding Lower Bound

    The problem is to determine a lower bound for the radius of convergence for the two following equations. I am able to get p(x) and q(x) for both equations, but I'm confused on how to proceed. I would like to see the problem worked out and what the lower bound is. Bessel's Equation: Centered at 1 what I believe are p(x

    Scientific Notation and Error Bounds

    The population of a town is given in scientific notation 1.75 x 10^4. Choose the one option giving the population together with the implied error bound. Options A. 1750, with an error bound of 0.005 B 1750, with an error bound of 5. C. 1750, with an error bound of 50 D. Seventeen and a half thousand with an error