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    The Accounting Cycle

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    T-accounts and journal entries for Kenworth Company

    Kenworth Company uses a job-order costing system. Only three jobs?Job 105, Job 106, and Job 107?were worked on during November and December. Job 105 was completed on December 10; the other two jobs were still in production on December 31, the end of the company's operating year. Data from the job cost sheets of the three jobs

    Prepare journal entries to record transactions: asset purchases, depreciation

    Mar 1 Purchased a truck for $30,000, w/a 5 year useful life and a $5,000 salvage value. Also paid 6% sales tax, $350 for the annual truck license, $500 to paint the truck w/ company colors and name, and $1500 for spare parts. All payments in cash May 10 Purchased garage from neighboring business w/a 7.4%, 4 year, $75,000 no

    Issue shares, buy back shares, sell treasury stock

    Prepare journal entries for the following transactions: a. Issue 15,000 shares, selling price is $45 and par value is $1. b. Buy back 650 shares of outstanding stock at $48 per share. c. Sell 500 shares of treasury stock at $50 per share.

    Journal Entries of Longacre Nursery

    The accounting records of Longacre Nursery, Inc., for Year 2 and Year 3 reveal the following: Year 2 Year 3 Income before income taxes per books $250,000 $400,000 Timing differences (30,000) 20,000 Permanent differences 5,000 (6,000) Taxable income $225,000 $414,000 The income tax rate is 40 percent

    Journal Entries with explanations; post T-accounts

    3-1 Impact of a Transaction. The company borrowed $85,000 in cash from Eastern Bank. Dr Cash $85,000 Cr Bank loan $85,000 3-2 Impact of a Transaction. The company used $45,000 in cash to purchase land on the west side of Hatu Lake. Dr Land $45k Cr Cash $45k 3-11 Journal Entries Refer to PE 3-1. Make the journal

    Prepare Journal Entries using the allowance method of uncollectible accounts

    Prepare entries to record the following transactions using the allowance method for uncollectible accounts. a. The firm assumes that approximately 1% of total sales on account will prove uncollectible. Sales for Year 1 are $1,000,000. All sales are on account. b. On July 7, Year 2, it is determined that an account of $2,000

    Prepare a pension worksheet and journal entries

    Can you help me get started with this assignment? The accountant for ABC co. has developed the following information for the company's defined -pension plan for 2008: Beginning PBO $3,750,000 Beginning FMV of assets $2,750,000 Pension Liability $1,000,000 AOCI - unrecognized PSC

    Steps in the accounting cycle and items on the balance sheet

    What are the steps of the accounting cycle? Why is it necessary to make adjusting entries at the end of each accounting period? What would happen if all of the steps of the accounting cycle were not completed in a specific accounting period? What are some of the items that appear on a company's balance sheet? Provide and

    Recording Journal Entries (Sysco, formed in 1969)

    Can you help me get started with this assignment? For each of the transactions, prepare journal entries. Determine whether the account equation remains in balance and debits equal credits after each entry. ** See ATTACHED file for complete details **

    Literature Review: select, analyze and discuss a peer-reviewed journal article

    Locate a peer-reviewed journal article in an area of business, social science, psychology, or medicine that is of interest to you. Your selected article should be a research article with sufficient content for a report. The objective of the critique is to describe how the study followed, or failed to follow, the criteria for

    Roller Corp's Purchase of Steam Company

    Roller Corporation purchased 20 percent ownership of Steam Company on January 1, 20X5, for $70,000. On that date, the book value of Steam's reported net assets was $200,000. The excess over book value paid is attributable to depreciable assets with a remaining useful life of 10 years. Net income and dividend payments of Steam

    TRM Corp: Defined Benefit Pension Plan Journal Entries in Year 8

    TRM Corporation established a defined benefit pension plan in Year 5. In Year 8 the following information is available. Service cost = $45,000. Interest cost = $60,000. Actual return on plan assets = $35,000. Expected return on plan assets = $40,000. Net amortization of unrecognized losses = $15,000. If the company contrib

    Term Modification without Gain: Debtor's Journal Entries

    (Term Modification without Gain-Debtor's Entries) On December 31, 2007, the Firstar Bank enters into a debt restructuring agreement with Nicole Bradtke Company, which is now experiencing financial trouble. The bank agrees to restructure a 12%, issued at par, $2,000,000 note receivable by the following modifications: Reducing t

    Bank reconciliation statement & Journal entries

    The Agricultural Genetics Company's Cash account is in general ledger reported a balance of $9,448 on May 31, 2008. The company's bank statement from Western Bank reported a balance of $11,689 on the same date. A comparison of the details in the bank statement to the details in the Cash account revealed the following facts:

    Bank Reconliation

    Brown Company's bank statement for September 30 showed a cash balance of $1,350. The company's Cash account in its general ledger showed a $995 debit balance. The following information was also available as of September 30. a. A customer's check for $100 marked NSF was returned to Brown Company by the bank. In addition, th

    Scheduling people to work late, or "graveyard", shift is a problem in almost every 24-hour company. An article in the Wall Street Journal titled "Scheduling workers who fall asleep on the job is not

    Scheduling people to work late, or "graveyard", shift is a problem in almost every 24-hour company. An article in the Wall Street Journal titled "Scheduling workers who fall asleep on the job is not easy" describes night-shift dilemmas at an oil refinery and a police department. Scheduling is also a difficulty for airlines that

    Variances: journal entries

    Aquafloat Corporation manufactures raft for us in swimming pools. The standard cost for material and labor is $89.20 per raft. This includes 8 kilograms of direct material at a standard cost of $5.00 per kilogram, and 6 hours of direct labor at $8.20 per hour. The following data pertain to November. * Work-in-process inven

    Accounting Cycles

    1. A friend comes to you with the following plight: "I'm confused. An asset is something positive, and it is increased with a debit. However, an expense is something negative and it is increased with a debit. I don't get it." How can you straighten out your friend? 2. Which of the following steps in the accounting cycle requi

    24 MC Information Systems, accounting cycle, COSO, internal control, ISO 17799

    1. Identify which of the following accounting functions has been automated by most companies' information processing subsystems: A) Posting to ledgers B) Recording journal entries C) Preparing trial balances D) all of the above 2. An example of an assurance service for a company engaged in electronic commerce is: A) ET

    Journal Entries

    Problem #1 Presented below is an aging schedule for Lewis Company. Customer Total: Not Yet Due: Number of Days Past Due 1-30 31-60 61-90 Over 90 Anders $20,000 $9,000 $11,000 Baietto 30,000 $30,000 Cyrs 50,000 15,000 5,000 $30,000 DeJong 38,000 $38

    Redmon Company: Create a purchases journal and journalize transactions

    Redmon Company uses a sales journal, a purchases journal, a cash receipts journal, a cash disbursements journal, and a general journal. The following transactions occur in the month of June. June 1 Purchased $8,100 of merchandise on credit from Vick, Inc., terms n_30. 8 Sold merchandise costing $900 on credit to R. Panke

    YellowCard Company: Prepare journal entries for Payroll and Payroll Tax

    The payroll of YellowCard Company for September 2006 is as follows. Total payroll was $480,000, of which $110,000 is exempt fro mSocial Security tax because it represented amounts paid in excess of $90,000 to certain employees. The amount paid to employees in excess of $7,000 was $400,000/ Omcp,e taxes om tje a,pimt pf $8