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Statement of Cash Flows

Prepare & analyze Statement of Cash Flows: Indirect Method

See attached file. Flanders Corporation's income statement for the year ended June 30, 20x8 and its a comparative balance sheets as if June 30, 20x8 and 20x7 are attached. During 20x8, the corporation sold equipment that cost $48,000, on which it had accumulated depreciation of $34,000, at a loss of $8,000. It also purchased

Important information about Classifying Cash Flow Transactions

Classify each of the following as an operating activity (OA), an investing activity (IA), a financing activity (FA), or a non-cash flow transaction (NT). In addition, for each transaction, state whether it is a cash inflow (CI) or cash outflow (CO). For example, payments to employees would be (OA) and (CO). Proceeds from issu

Cash Flow Statement for Starbucks

I need assistance understanding the cash flow statements for Starbucks for 2008. Below is the actual question I need answered. "Review Starbuck's statements of cash flow and foot notes and explain how each current account has affected cash management strategies." Here is a link to SBUX financials 2008: http://www.marke

Statement of Cash Flows - Indirect Method

Plank Company Comparative Balance Sheet December 31 2004 2003 Cash $ 64,000 $ 36,000 Accounts receivable, net 53,000 57,000 Inventory 171,000 123,000 Land 180,000 285,000 Building

Prepare A Statement of Cash Flows (Indirect Method)

Biven Corporation's balance sheet and income statement appear below: Comparative Balance Sheet Ending Balance Beginning Balance Assets: Cash and cash equivalents............................ $ 35 $ 30 Accounts receivable..................................... 54 49 Inventory..................

Crosby Corporation Cash Flow Statement

Ch. 2 of Foundations of Financial Management Complete Problems 27, 28, and 29 on pp. 51-53. 27. Prepare a statement of cash flows for the Crosby Corporation. Follow the general procedures indicated in Table 2-10 on page 38 . 28. Describe the general relationship between net income and net cash flows from operating activ

Reporting Net Cash on a Statement of Cash Flows

Please help with the following problem. Twin House Inc, reported net income of $753,000 for the year-ended December 31, 20X8. Twin House's financial statements reflected the following information: Depreciation expense $150,000 Gain on sale of trading securities 6,000 Goodwill impairment 75,000 Decrease in account

6 short answer questions for accounting.

1. How could a firm that is very profitable on its income statement find it difficult to pay its expenses (commitments) as they come due? 2. Explain how depreciation relates to income and cash flow. 3. Consider gains or losses on non-recurring asset sales. How could they mislead management and potential investors on a ca

Cash Flow-Operating Activites using the Direct Method

Please help the book I have does a very poor job of explaining how to get from the info below to a no kidding operating cash flow! The 2010 accounting records of Spaulding Transport reveal these transactions: Payment of interest $10,000 Cash Sales 48,000 Receipt of dividend reven

Cash Flows Statement

Prepare statement of cash flows (indirect method) using balance sheet data. Presented below are comparative balance sheets for Millco, Inc., at January 31 and February 28, 2004. Then write a 350-500 word paper discussing the difference sections of the statement of cash flows assist different sets of users. Also discuss the

Statement of Cash Flows for Creative Works Company

Presented below are the comparative balance sheets for Creative Works Company as of December 31. Creative Works Company Comparative Balance Sheets 31-Dec Assets 2006 2005 Cash $38,000 $45,000 Accounts receivable $4

Statement of Cash Flows

Dear Brainmass, I am having some difficulty in understanding this problem on Statement of Cash Flows. Please see the attached file for further details. I would really appreciate the assistance when you get the time. Thank you in advance for reviewing my post. Statement of Cash Flows The condensed financial statements

Long term debt

Pete's Boats has beginning long-term debt of $180 and ending long-term debt of $210. The beginning and ending total debt balances are $340 and $360, respectively. The interest paid is $20. What is the amount of the cash flow to creditors? a. -$10 b. $0 c. $10 d. $40 e. $50

Statement of cash flows single problem

I had incorrect info on the first problem...this one is now correct. A Company's net income last year was $119,000. Changes in the company's balance sheet accounts for the year appear below: Increases (decreases) Debit Balances: Cash......

Statement of cash flows

Statements of cash flows questions 1.) Which of the following would be considered a "use" of cash for purposes of constructing a statement of cash flows? a decrease in bonds payable. an increase in common stock. a decrease in accounts receivable. an increase in accounts payable. 2.) Which of the following w

Constructing a Company's Statement of Cash Flows

A Company's net income last year was $119,000. Changes in the company's balance sheet accounts for the year appear below: Increases (decreases) Debit balances: Cash..................................$26,000 Accounts Payable

Cash flows

Managerial accounting-statement of cash flows SHORES INC. Comparative Balance Sheet December 31, Year 2, and Year 1 Yr. 2 Yr. 1 Assets Cash $8 $18 Accounts receivable 355 233 Inventory 120 168 Prepaid expenses 12 5 Plant and equipment 612 475 Less accumulated depreciation (97) (88) Long-term i


I can not get the cashflow statement to match the increase in cash from the balance sheet (Preparation of a Statement of Cash Flows) Presented below is a condensed version of the comparative balance sheets for Zubin Mehta Corporation for the last two years at December 31. 2007 2006 Cash $177,000 $ 78,000 Accounts receiv

Cash Flow Statement - Indirect

A company sold some of its plant assets during 2007. The original cost of the plant assets was $750,000 and the accumulated depreciation at date of sale was $700,000. The proceeds from the sale of the plant assets were $105,000. The information concerning the sale of the plant assets should be shown on the company's statement o

Store Company: Prepare a statement of cash flows

Please help complete using transaction data to prepare a statement of cash flows. Store Company engaged in the following transactions during the 2007 accounting period. The beginning cash balance was $28,600. Net Cash flow from Operating Activities ($110,775) Investing Activities ($31,800)

Calculate free cash flow, value of operations, value of share of stock

A company generated free cash flow of $51 million last year and expects it to grow at a constant rate of 4% indefinitely. The company's weighted average cost of capital is 12%. The company has 25 million shares of outstanding stock, and the current price per share is $28.50. Could you please do a step-by step (equation) proce

Linus Corporation - Statement of Cash Flows

Presented below are selected financial statement items for Linus Corporation for December 31, 2007. Inventory $ 25,732 Cash paid to suppliers 107,497 Building 201,154 Common stock 48,419 Cash dividends paid 8,155 Cash paid to purchase equipment 13,820 Equipment 37,387 Revenues 10

Review : statement of cash flow

Were any stock options exercised? Which financial statement did you find this information? What are the components of this financial statement? 500 words answer. Cash Flows from Operating Activities Net income $ 45,901 $ 41,522 $ 26,920 Adjustments to reconcile to cash flows from operations 75,629 70,116 62,051 Net cash

The Shine Company: statement of cash receipts and disbursements for new machines

Who's Benefit? Introduction: The Shine Company installs a special machine for polishing cars at one of its outlets, on the first day of the fiscal year. The machine costs the company $20,000, and its annual cash operating costs total $15,000. The machine will have a four-year useful life and a zero terminal disposal value.