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    Statement of Cash Flows

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    Cash flow from operating activities.

    Calculate Penguin's cash flow from operating activities Penguin's Comparative Balance Sheets December 31, 2009 Assets 12/31/2009 12/31/2008 Cash $8,000 $6,000 Accounts Receivable $2,000 $1,000 Inventory $2,000 $3,000 Investments

    Cash flows from financing activities

    See attached file. You are the CPA for Penguin's Ice Cream, a small local ice cream shop. Penguin's would like to apply for a small business loan, and the bank requires the company provide a statement of cash flows to prove its credit worthiness. Use the attached comparative balance sheet to calculate Penguin's cash flows

    Calculating Net Cash Flow on Sale of Assets: Michael's

    Michael's Craft Supplies purchased some fixed assets 2 years ago at a cost of $38,700. It no longer needs these assets so it is going to sell them today for $25,000. The assets are classified as 5 year property for MACRS. What is the net cash flow from this sale if the firms tax rate is 30%? MACRS 5 Year Property Year

    Purpose of Statement of Cash Flows; types of Business Combinations

    1. A firm presents an income statement and a balance sheet, and the sophisticated financial statement user could approximate a statement of cash flows from this information. Since the statement of cash flows does not show any new accounts, why is it necessary to also present this statement? 2. Identify three major types of

    Transactions by type of activity for statement of cash flows

    1. An analysis of comparative balance sheets, the current year's income statement and the general ledger accounts of Kingley Corp. uncovered the following items. Assume all items involve cash unless there is information to the contrary: A. Conversion of bonds into common stock B. Receipt of interest on notes receivable, C.

    Company Financials

    Can you help me get started with this assignment? 1. Is it more important for an entrepreneur to track cash flow or profits? 2. How might it be influenced by business and/or industry? 3. What troubles will an entrepreneur face if she or he tracks only profits and ignores cash? 4. What troubles will an entrepreneu

    Which alternative would increase Cash Flow for the current year?

    Other things held constant, which of the following alternatives would increase a company's cash flow for the current year? A) Increase the number of years over which fixed assets are depreciated for tax purposes. B) Pay down the accounts payables. C) Reduce the days' sales outstanding (DSO) without affecting sales or op

    Direct and Indirect Cash Flow Statements

    A) Prepare a statement of cash flow using the indirect method, including all required disclosures. b) Prepare a "cash provided by (or used in) operating activities" section under the direct method. c) Comment on the company's cash flow activities during the year. See the attached EXCEL file for all of the figures and approp

    Cash Flows for Explosion of Popularity

    There has been an explosion in the popularity of rotis-serie cooked chicken. Even country singer Kenny Rogers recognized the enthusiasm and opened his own chain of chicken outlets. Please list five initial outlay cash flows, three variable operating cash flows, three fixed operating cash flows, and three disposition cash flows.

    Cash Flow Statement for Third Year of Mock Store

    Use Excel or other spreadsheet software to create a cash flow statement for the third year of a mock women garment store. And Explain the benefits of cash-flow analysis and any problems that could arise if it is not conducted.

    Cash Flow

    1. On October 28, 2009, Mercedes Company committed to a plan to sell a division that qualified as a component of the entity according to SFAS No. 144, and was properly classified as held for sale on December 31, 2009, the end of the company's fiscal year. The division's loss from operations for 2009 was $2,000,000. The divis

    Statement of Cash Flow: Indirect Method

    Could you look this over and give me pointers? I would appreciate it. Thanks again! Statement Of Cash Flow - Indirect Method Net Income: 42,500 Adjustments: Depreciation - Machinery 6375 Depreciation - Buildings 13,500 Increase in Accts. Receivables 10,500

    Statement of Cash Flow and Earnings

    The statement of cash flows is a very important statement. In fact, the FASB and other authorities recently published an article that implies some changes may be in order. Historically, earnings have been the main measurement of profitability of a firm. Today, some folks believe that the cash flow statement may be a more appropr

    Statement of Cash Flow items: 18 multiple choice questions

    2. The net income reported on the income statement for the current year is $50000. Depreciation recorded on fixed assets and amortization of bond discount for the year were $30000 and $1000 respectively. What is the amt of cash flows from operating activities that would appear on the statement of cash flows using the indirect me

    Statement of Cash Flows - Carpino Company

    Ron Nord and Lisa Smith are examining the following statement of cash flows for Carpino Company for the year ended January 31, 2007. Carpino Company Statement of Cash Flows For the Year Ended January 31, 2007 Sources of cash From sales of merchandise $380,000 From sale of capital stock 420,000

    Estimate Incremental Operating Cash Flows

    Wilbur Corporation is considering replacing a machine. The replacement will cut operating expenses by $24,000 per year for each of the five years that the new machine is expected to last. Although the old machine has a zero book value, it has a remaining useful life of five years. The depreciable value of the new machine is $7


    Please follow the questions, and balance sheet and Income statement are attached. Additional Information 1. There was no gain or loss on the sales of the long-term investments, nor on the bonds retired. 2. Old machinery with an original cost of $45,060 was sold for $2,520 cash. 3. New machinery was purchased for $81,

    Business: Operating Cash Flow

    You work for the Barbour Oil Company, which is considering a new project whose data are shown below. What is the project's operating cash flow for Year 1? Sales revenues, each year $55,000 Depreciation $8,000 Other operating costs $25,000 Interest expense $8,000 Tax rate 35.0%

    Determine the annual cash inflows

    The List Company is considering producing a new product that has an estimated useful life of seven years. The product would require equipment costing $523,000. The equipment has an seven year useful life and estimated salvage value of 0. The equipment is considered a five year class property of MACRS. The firm's marginal tax rat

    Operating Cash Flow Computation

    I couldn't find any help for this question and am grateful for your help. Thanks! The following data applies to year one. Revenue= $50.00; Total Costs= $40.00; Depreciation=$2.00; Tax Rate=25%. Calculate the operating cash flow for the project for the year. Please show step-by-step computations.

    Cash flow from Operating Activities..

    Use the balanced sheet and income statement which are attached. Use the indirect method to prepare the cash provided or used from operating activities section only of the statement of cash flows for this company.

    Statement of Cash Flows Receivables

    Classify the following cash flows as operating, investing, or financing activities. 1: Sold Long-term investments for cash 2: Received cash payments from customers. 3: Paid cash for wages and salaries. 4: purchased inventories for cash. 5: Paid cash dividends. 6: Issued common stock for cash. 7: Received cas

    Statement of Cash Flows

    (Cash Provided by Operating, Investing, and Financing Activities) The balance sheet data of Brown Company at the end of 2007 and 2006 follow. 2007 2006 Cash $30,000 $35,000 Accounts receivable (net) 55,000 45,000 Merchandise invent