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Profitability Index (PI)

Expected Market Decline: Loss and Profit

Please help with the following problem. Assume that you manage an equity portfolio worth $20,000,000. The portfolio has a beta of 1.1. The current value of the S&P 500 stock index is 1200 and the value of an S&P 500 stock index futures contract is 250 times the index value. a. How many futures contracts would you buy or

Assignment: Healthcare Commercial Organizations

Use the business section of a major national newspaper, such as Wall Street Journal or New York Times, and research organizations related to healthcare. Write an article about the organizations. There are various types of commercial organizations: Think tank Patient's group Business association Small business firm (smal

What is the net profitability in dollars?

An insurance company collected $3.6 million in premiums and disbursed $1.96 million in losses. Loss adjustment expenses amounted to 6.6 percent and dividends paid to policyholders totaled 1.2 percent. The total income generated from their investments was $170,000 after all expenses were paid. What is the net profitability in dol

Scavenger Hunt 2

Scavenger hunt questions are below. Provide: â?¢The answer to the question. â?¢The source of the information. â?¢An assessment of the quality of the information you found. â?¢Was it accurate? â?¢Was it comprehensive? â?¢Was it from a credible source? Questions: â?¢ How big is the "deep" or "invisible w

Index Models for IBM and GE returns

See attached data file. 3. Regress excess IBM returns on the excess S&P 500 index returns and report ?, ?, the r-square and whether ? and ? are different from zero at the 5% level of significance. Explain your inference. 4. Use equation 8.10 to decompose total risk for IBM into systematic risk and firm-specific risk. That i

Calculate Profitability Ratios for Wal-Mart

Calculate the following profitability ratios for Wal-Mart, based on their 2011 10-k: 1. Return on Investment 2. Return on Assets 3. Return on Equity

What is the project's profitability index?

A project requires an initial investment of $40 million. It generates cash flows of $22 million in one year and $29 million in two years. The project's required return is 8%. What is the project's profitability index?

30 Finance multiple choice questions

1. The goal of the firm should be a. maximization of profits b. maximization of shareholder wealth c. maximization of consumer satisfaction d. maximization of sales 2. An example of a primary market transaction is a. a new issue of common stock by AT&T b. a sale of some outstanding common stock of AT&T c. AT&T repurcha

Profitability Index, Project Crossover Rate, Project Cash Flow

1. You are considering two independent projects both of which have been assigned a discount rate of 8%. Based on the profitability index, what is your recommendation concerning these projects? 2. The Winston Co. is considering two mutually exclusive projects with the following cash flows. The incremental IRR is _____ and

Channels of Distribution in the United States

Kumara, S., & Bergstromb, T. (2008). An exploratory study of the relations between the U.S. manufacturers and their local distributors in developing markets Abstract: We develop and investigate a model of long-term, inter-firm relationships in three developing countries and develop international organizational relationship

Managerial accounting MA17-44: Evaluate the profitability of Dart's two products

I need to evaluate the profitability of Dart's two products and make any appropriate recommendations. I am not sure where to start on trying to figure this out. When Dart Products started operation five years ago, its only produt was a radar detector known as the Bear Detector. The production system was simple, with Bear Dete

Viewing Solutions Inc. - measures of solvency and profitability

Viewing Solutions Inc. Comparative Retained Earnings Statements For the Year Ended December 31, 2010 and 2009 Retained earnings, January 1 604,000 306,000 Add net income for year 428,000 314,000 Total 1,032,000 620,000 Deduct dividends: On preferred stock 4,000 4,000 On commo

Business Analysis

1. A seasonal index may be less than one, equal to one, or greater than one. Explain what each of these values would mean.

The Human Poverty Index is described.

The Human Poverty Index combines three measures of deprivation. List and explain these three measures. What are the functions of poverty according to structural functionalists? What is soft money? Why do U.S. corporations make political contributions? Explain the evolution of work through industrialization and pos

Index Number

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is one index mentioned frequently in business news reports. It helps in determining the overall changes in prices faced by consumers in the economy. Describe one other index number that you feel would be helpful for examining changes in the economy or for organizations to run their business and exp

Cost structure and profitability

1. What kind of effect does cost structure have on profitability? 2. In a poor economic environment (high level of uncertainty), what should a company do that only has fixed costs (no variable costs) in order to improve their level of profitability?

Homeland Research Services: customer profitability

Homeland Research Services (HRS) conducts personnel background checks and supplier reliability research for government agencies and corporations. Using the following information, prepare a customer profitability statement. Personnel Supplier HRS Profitability Total Checks Reliability Contribution margin ratio 6

Customer Profitability Statement

Homeland Research Services (HRS) conducts personnel background checks and supplier reliability research for government agencies and corporations. Using the following information, prepare a customer profitability statement showing a desire to increase its return on sales to 20 percent. Personnel Supplier HRS Prof

Cash inflows and Project profitability index

(ignore income taxes in this problem) The management of Dwane Corporation is considering the following three investment projects: Project B Project C Project D Investment required $34,000 $60,000 $81,000 Present value of cash inflows

Asset Turnover, Profitability of a Company, Common & Stock

4. Asset turnover calculations: a. communicate information about how promptly the entity pays its bills. b. should be evaluated by observing the turnover trend over a period of time. c. are made by dividing the average asset balance during the year by the sales for the year. d. are made by dividing sales for the year by t

Observations, Implications and objectives

For the article: "Smith & Wesson holds its own in downturn," write an abstract to describe the key points of the article or story and describe how the points made in the article pertain to your company or a company that you are familiar with, describing the impact or potential impact, implications, implementation and objectives

Calculations for value of index

Please help with the following problem. Create your own index given the following data: Number of shares Closing Prices (per share) Companies outstanding Day T Day T+1 1 2,000 $30.00 $35.00 2 6,000 55.00

Seasonal Index

Convert time series data to seasonal indices. Material: Summer Historical Inventory. Please be sure that your index calculations are based on the seasons in the data. You will need to identify the seasons in your data (winter & summer, high and low, etc.). As an example, if you divide your data into high season and low