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    Pro Forma Financial Statements

    Pro forma financial statements are financial statements that are prepared using hypothetical amounts or estimates and excludes extrao-ordinary or one time items. They may also be prepared to show the expected results of a future change, such as a merger or acquisition. In most cases, company's prepare pro forma financial statements to present a picture of what the company's financial picture would look like without extraordinary items. The intention is to more accurately represent the companies financial picture if the pro forma statements were used to project or estimate the company's future performance. Companies feel that pro forma statements are more representative when it comes to valuing the company. 

    Common items that are excluded form pro form income statements include depreciation, amortization, restructuring and merger costs, interest and taxes, stock based compensation, and one time expenses. Depreciation and amortization are often excluded because they do not reflect a cash expense. One time expenses are often excluded because they distort an accurate picture of the firm's future profitability. Since pro forma statements are not required to follow GAAP, the lack of regulation makes them much more susceptible to manipulation. 

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    Pro Forma Earnings

    Please see attached question. Thank you for your assistance! Which one is not correct for pro forma earnings? A. Pro forma earnings are used in valuation by the investor. B. Pro forma earnings are based on the current GAAP. C. The company does not need to disclose how to calculate the pro forma earnings. D. Pro forma ea

    Financial Planning and Pro Forma Analysis

    INCOME STATEMENT: Sales 2000,000 Costs except depreciation (100,000) -------------------------------------------------- EBITA 100,000 Depreciation (6,000) -------------------------------------------------- EBIT

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    A Company's sales are predicted to increase by 6% plus 1.5 times the expected change in GDP. Also, current assets, fixed assets, current liabilities, and net profit are related to sales by the following relationships. CA = $25,000 + .15 Sales FA = $50,000 + .40 Sales CL = $5,000 + .05 Sales NP = .05 Sales Last year's

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    Create a set of pro forma financials (income statement and balance sheet) for the next fiscal year-end using the percent-of-sales method assuming the company's sales have increased by 15%. See the attachment for the existing income statement and balance sheet. A step by step description would be great so I can understand the

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    Based on the financial statement in the annual report for Wal-mart develop a set of Pro Forma financials (income statement and balance sheet) for the next fiscal year-end using the precent-of-sales method. Assume that the company's sales have increased by 15% State what additional assumptions and information that you would ne

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    I have a multiple choice question in my homework that asks for a solution that requires that a small balance sheet be made. Jill's Wigs had the following balance sheet last year: Cash $800 Accounts Payable $350 Accounts receivable $450 Accrued wages $150 Inventory $950 Notes payable $2,000 N

    Describing results of the attached pro forma statement

    I need assistance in describing results of the attached pro forma statement and making recommendations to management based on these results. Need this in a summarized form. No need for spreadsheet work....Just a couple of paragraphs would be okay. Some assumptions used in compliling the attached pro-forma are. -Assets a