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Pro Forma Statement Results for Starbucks

I am just looking for a couple paragraphs explaining the results of attached pro forma statements. I don't understand how to interpret the statements.

** See ATTACHED Excel spreadsheet for complete pro forma from Starbucks **


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The overall picture definitely does not look good for Starbucks. Assuming that the growth rate of Starbucks would decline to -10%, the Net Income would fall by more than 57% over the next 3 years. The Net Profit Margin will also fall from 33.7% to 23.8%. This is definitely not good news for Starbucks. Starbucks have to ...

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The solution evaluates Starbucks based on its pro forma statements. 2 paragraphs are provided explaining the questions being asked. The solution thoroughly evaluates the income statement and balance sheet of Starbucks and make predictions about the future. Overall, an excellent response.