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Multiple Choice Questions in Finance

4. What is the rate of return for an investor who pays $1,054.47 for a three-year bond with a 7% coupon and sells the bond one year later for $1,037.19? a) 5.00%. b) 5.33% c) 6.46% d)7.00% Chapter 8 10. The Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System allows an increase: a) in total depreciation over the asset's

Value of Call Option

1) AKX stock is currently trading at $50 today and in one period will either be worth 20% more or 20% less. The risk-free rate is 4%. What is the value of an at the money call option? A. $5.77 B. $6.00 C. $6.67 D. $10.00 E. $20.00

Technical Service Management

What is the Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) and explain the impact of this technology on multichannel contact centers.

Investment - Call & Put Option and Short Sales

Your client owns a lot of AA stock with a very low cost basis. Your client is worried that the price of AA stock will drop over the next six months, but he doesn't want to sell his AA stock and incur a capital gain. What strategies can he use?

Call Options

How is a call option's price related to the underlying stock price at expiration date? How about a put option's price?Z

Options: intrinsic value of the call, leverage, expiration date, naked, cash flows, intrinsic value of the put, premium, covered call, in the money options, profit (loss) at expiration, strike price

1) A particular call is the option to buy stock at $25. It expires 6 months and currently sells for $4 when the price of the stock is $26. a) What is the intrinsic value of the call? What is the time premium paid for the call? b) What will the value of this call be after 6 months if the price of the stock is $20? $30? And $40?

Finance Word Problem Set

5. The following companies have different financial statistics. What dividend policies would you recommend for them? Explain your reasons. Mathews Co. Aaron Corp. Growth rate in sales and earnings 5% 20% Cash as a percentage of total assets

Financial Risk Reduction

How do options reduce a firm's financial risk? Under what circumstances would you recommend options as a risk-reducing strategy? (Examples)

Put Options

You just bought 100 December 2007 put options selling at $5 of stock. The option has a strike price of $24.50 and the stock is selling at $20.50 per share. You want to make money and have no stock currently. a.How much of the $5 option price is a premium? b. How much did you pay for your investment in the 100 option cont

Options explained in this solution

Maverick Manufacturing, Inc must purchase gold in three months to use in its operations. Maverick's management has estimated that if the price of gold were to rise above $375 per ounce, the firm would go bankrupt. The current price of gold is $350 per ounce. The firm's chief financial officer believes that the price of gold wi

Trading Mutual Funds

What are the risks and opportunities associated with options trading for mutual funds, pension funds and individual investors?

Investment Portfolio Project.

To get started on your portfolio project, you first need to develop an investment plan. Your plan should outline your investment strategy. Be sure to include as part of your plan objectives and strategies (types of assets, limitations, allocations, sources and so on). This policy will be used to guide your portfolio management p

Ethical Theories, Unitarianism

Could you give me a specific business example of this: " Utilitarianism does an analysis of each situation that allows them to help choose a course of action which provides least harm as compared to other alternatives. This is in hope that it is a win-win situation for everybody in the organization."

Finances - EPS, Dividend Yield, Payout Ratio

1. Assume the following financial data: Short-term assets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $200,000 Long-term assets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 350,000 Total assets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $550,000 Short-term debt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $100,000

hypothetical returns - Risk Premium

Here are some hypothetical returns during the past seven years on a market portfolio of common stocks and a portfolio of treasury bills. Year Common Stocks Treasury Bills -7 32.4% 11.2% -6 -4.9%

Expected Return, Fair Value, Beta of Put Option & Return on Put Option

You are concerned that the stock market will decline over the next year, so you are considering buying a one-year put option on the S&P 500 Index. Assume that the Index has a value today of 1,400. One year from now, it will be either 1,800 or 1,000. The put option has an exercise price of 1,200. The risk-free rate is 5%. (N

International Finance - Transaction Exposure

Dundr, Inc. an American firm, has receiveded an order from a Japanese firm for machinery priced at Yen100,000,000. This amount will be received by Dundr in three months. The following additional information is available (in addition to exchange rate quotes for April 9) Compare the following alternatives with res


1. Given the following: S=$68, C=$15, Rf =10%, X=$60, and time to maturity of call = 3 month. a. What is the value of a put with the same characteristics as the call above? b. Suppose that the put in part "a" is trading for $ 3.00: Indicate clearly the transactions you should undertake in order to create a risk-free arbitrage

INTERNATIONAL FINANCE: Speculation, Selling Currency

1. Speculation: Diamond Bank expects that the Singapore dollar will depreciate against the dollar from its spot rate of $.43 to $.42 in 60 days. The following interbank lending and borrowing rates exist: Lending Rate Borrowing Rate U.S. dollar 7.0% 7.2% Singapore dolla

Intermediate accounting

As compensation for helping start the import business, I have been offered 100 shares of stock under a stock option plan. I exercised these options recently at $45 when the market price was $60. I was interested in how the stock option program will affect my Corporation. Include the following in your answer: ? Discuss the tw

Swaps and other Derivatives

Swaps and other Derivatives 1. Coffman & Tony Inc. can borrow at 13 percent in the long-term capital market (fixed rate) or can borrow at London Interbank offer rate (LIBOR) plus 75 basis points in the Eurodollar market. Jim & Pfeiffenberger Inc. can borrow at 12 percent in the capital market long term (fixed) or can borrow a

Stocks and Bonds

See attached file for full problem description. On the last day of October, Brice Jones buys 200 shares of Olivia Corporation common stock selling 39.25 per share and is also considering the purchase of an Olivia option. Option Strike EXP Vol. Last vol. last Olivia 35 Dec 1,629 3.75 2,703 1.25 39.25 35 Mar 6,333 5

Rate of Return on short sale of stocks

You decide to sell 240 shares of Topgun enterprises Inc short when it is selling at is yearly high of 64.60. your broker tells you that your margin requirement of 60 percent and that the commission on the sale is 5 percent of the total stock value. While you are short, Topgun pays a 2.20 per share dividend. At the end of one ye

Options Pricing for 12-month call option

A.Use options pricing model to calculate the theoretical value of a 12-month Call Option on the British Pound with a strike price of $1.65 per pound. b. Use same model to calculate the theoretical value of a 1-month Put Option on the Japanese Yen with a strike price of $0.74 per Yen 100. Note: use LIBOR interest rates