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    Basic/Diluted Earnings per Share

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    The following information is presented for Make Believe Company.

    1. In the year 2000, 800,000 shares of $10 par value common stock were issued for $9 million.

    2. In the year 2000, 100,000 shares of 9% preferred stock were issued at par for $6 million. The preferred stock is cumulative, but non-participating.

    3. Also in the year 2000, $6 million of 20 year, 8% convertible bonds were issued at par. Each $1,000 is convertible into 80 shares of 10 par value common stock. None of the bonds have been converted to date.

    4. On April 1, 2001 (this year), an additional 400,000 shares of $10 par value common stock was issued for $5 million.

    5. No dividends have been declared in either 2000 or 2001.

    6. Net income reported for the year 2001 totaled $1,550,000. The tax rate is 40%.


    1. Calculate basic earnings per share.

    2. Calculate diluted earnings per share.

    Show all calculations including weighted average number of shares outstanding and diluted net income.

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    1. Calculate basic earnings per share.

    Since the preferred stock is cumulative, even if no dividends are declared, the preferred dividends would be reduced from the net income to calculate the basic earnings per share
    Basic Earnings per share = (Net Income - Preferred Dividends)/Weighted average common shares outstanding
    We first calculate the ...

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