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Stocks and Bonds

See attached file for full problem description. On the last day of October, Brice Jones buys 200 shares of Olivia Corporation common stock selling 39.25 per share and is also considering the purchase of an Olivia option. Option Strike EXP Vol. Last vol. last Olivia 35 Dec 1,629 3.75 2,703 1.25 39.25 35 Mar 6,333 5

Rate of Return on short sale of stocks

You decide to sell 240 shares of Topgun enterprises Inc short when it is selling at is yearly high of 64.60. your broker tells you that your margin requirement of 60 percent and that the commission on the sale is 5 percent of the total stock value. While you are short, Topgun pays a 2.20 per share dividend. At the end of one ye

Options Pricing for 12-month call option

A.Use options pricing model to calculate the theoretical value of a 12-month Call Option on the British Pound with a strike price of $1.65 per pound. b. Use same model to calculate the theoretical value of a 1-month Put Option on the Japanese Yen with a strike price of $0.74 per Yen 100. Note: use LIBOR interest rates

Investing in low P/E Stocks

Your stock broker suggests you concentrate your portfolio on stocks with low P/E ratios. She explains that these firms are likely to be out of favor with investors, because they have a low price relative to their current earnings. Is this necessarily a good investment practice? Why or why not?

Accounting Questions

20. The following information is related to the pension plan of King, Inc. for 2008. Actual return on plan assets $200,000 Amortization of unrecognized net gain 82,500 Amortization of unrecognized prior service cost 150,000 Expected return on plan assets 230,000 Interest on projected benefit obligation 362,500 Service cost

Finance Multiple Choice Questions

1. Profitability and solvency objectives in business are: a. secondary to the objective of growth b. complementary objectives c. of primary importance in most businesses. d. generally ignored by established businesses. 2. As a company's prospects change over time, the ratings of its outstanding bonds: a. would tend to de

What are the reasons for the existence of monopoly?

9. (a) What are the reasons for the existence of monopoly? (b) Which of these did Alcoa use to establish and retain a monopoly? Problem 1 If the market demand and supply functions for pizza in Newtown were: QD = 12,000 - 1,000P QS = -4,000 + 1,000P Determine algebraically the equilibrium price and quantity of pizza.

Covariance and correlation between the returns on stocks

9.8 Using the returns for the period 1981 to 1985 listed below, calculate the five-year holding period return on the S&P 500 index. 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 S&P 500 index return(%) -4.97 21.67 22.57 6.19 31.85 10.2. Suppose you have invested only in tw

The buyer of a long call option

The buyer of a long call option... a) has a maximum loss equal to the premium paid. b) has a gain equal to but opposite in sign to the writer of the option. c) has an unlimited maximum gain potential. d) all of the above

Put option and butterfly spreads

Three put options on a stock have the same expiration date and strike prices of $55, $60, and $65. The market prices are $3, $5, and $8, respectively. Explain how a butterfly spread can be created. Construct a table showing the profit form the strategy. For what range of stock prices would the butterfly spread lead to a loss?

Website Look and Feel for Continental Airlines

?Website Look and Feel: Write a paper that describes how the "look and feel" differs for Continental Airlines website. Include an evaluation of the ease of navigation and overall impact and strategy of the website. Points to address for Continental Airlines: ?Look and feel of Website ?Ease of navigation ( difficulty

EPS Calculations for Moore, Strauch, and Peters Corp.

6.During 20X7, Moore Corp. had the following two classes of stock issued and outstanding for the entire year: * 100,000 shares of common stock, $1 par. * 1,000 shares of 4% preferred stock, $100 par, convertible share for share into common stock. Moore's 20X7 net income was $900,000, and its income tax rate for the year

Stocks X and Y have the following historical returns:

Stocks X and Y have the following historical returns: Year Stock X Stock Y 2000 18.0% 37.0% 2001 -5.0% 10.0% 2002 0.0% -37.0% 2003 32.0% 11.0% 2004 22.5% -7.0% 2005 -6.0% 36.0% 2006 11.0% 23.5% a) Calculate the average rate of return for each stock during the period. b) Assume that you had a portfolio consisti

Exchange Rate Exposure in Firms

Some people believe the best way to manage exchange rate exposure is to do nothing. They believe that currencies are unpredictable. They believe trying to manage currency risk is useless and a waste of money because of this unpredictability. Explain how exchange rate exposure may create risks and opportunities for a domestic

Rogers Company Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows

44. Rogers Company holds 80 percent of the common stock of Andrews, Inc., and 40 percent of this subsidiary's convertible bonds. The following consolidated financial statements are for 2004 and 2005: Rogers Company and Consolidated Subsidiary

Rick Thompson's Stock Investment: Options

This is an MBA level question for which I am seeking a detailed and complete response. Sue Wong, an investment advisor for National Securities, Inc., was preparing to meet with a client, Rick Thompson. Based on Wong's recommendation, Thompson had previously added an auto parts company, National Auto Inc., to his portfolio o

Value of a Company and Individual

Suppose that you are the manager and sole owner of a highly leveraged company. All the debt will mature in 1 year. If at that time the value of the company is greater than the face value of the debt, you will pay off the debt. If he value of the company is less than the face value of the debt, you will declare bankruptcy and the

Is the strike price $90? if not what is the strike price?

The common shares are trading for $90 a share. You have employee stock options to purchase 1,000 shares for $85 per share. The options mature in three years. The annualized vitality of stock over the past 100 days has been 25 percent. The company's current dividend yield is 1.5 percent, and the interest rate is 6 percent. (Assum

What was the basic EPS for 2005, rounded to the nearest penny?

Information concerning the capital structure of the Petrock Corporation is as follows: December 31, 2004 2005 Common stock 90,000 shares 90,000 shares Convertible preferred stock 10,000 shares 10,000 shares 8% convertible bonds $1,000,000 $1,000,000 During 2005 Petrock paid dividend