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    Decision Theory- Manufacturing plant locations and level of technology for each

    What factors should be considered besides cost benefit analysis for management to make a decision to choose a higher technology option in one location or lower technology option in several locations for their cosmetics manufacturing plants in Europe. Why do world class organizations not always select the higher technology option

    Trading Issues and Basics of Forward and Futures Contracts

    5 Paragraphs: Because of new information that has been gathered on derivatives, it has become apparent that these instruments are capable of providing a good hedge mechanism for various currency transactions in which the firm will engage. Because of the potential importance of derivatives, the treasurer would like more informat

    Small, Mid, and Large Cap Stocks

    What's the definition of a small cap, mid cap and large capitalization stocks and why do small caps typically return higher rates of return but with increased volatility?

    Expected returns and standard deviations for stocks

    Consider two stocks, A and B, with the following expected returns and standard deviations. Expected Standard Return Deviation A 8.00% 20.00% B 12.00% 30.00% The correlation coefficient between the returns of A and B is 0.3. Short selling is allowed. a. Consider a portfolio, P, that comprises 45% invested in s

    Amortized Bond Premium and Paid in Capital in Excess of Par

    23. Jenks Co.has $2,500,000 of 8% convertible bonds outstanding. Each $1,000 bond is convertible into 30 shares of $30 par value common stock. The bonds pay interest on January 31 and July 31. On July 31, 2007, the holders of $800,000 bonds exercised the conversion privilege. On that date the market price of the bonds was 105 an

    Futures and options

    A trader buys 100 European call options with a strike of $20 and a time to maturity of one year. The cost of each option is $2. The price of the underlying asset proves to be $25 in one year. What is the trader's gain or loss? A trader sells 100 European put options with a strike of $50 and a time to maturity of six month. Th

    Futures and Options

    Which of the following is not true: (a) When a CBOE option on IBM is exercised, IBM issues more stock. (b) An American option can be exercised at any time during its life. (c) An call option will always be exercised at maturity if the underlying asset price is greater than the strike price. (d) A put option will alw

    Futures and Options: Assuming that the futures price of a six-month contract on commodity Z is $48, what must be the price of a put with an exercise price of $50 in order to avoid arbitrage across markets? What is the "no arbitrage" price differential that should exist between the put and call options having an exercise price of $40?

    Consider commodity Z, which has both exchange-traded futures and option contracts associated with it. As you look in today's paper , you find the following put and call prices for options that expires exactly six month from now: Exercise price Put price Call Price 40 0.59 8.

    Calculate the expiration date payoffs for option positions

    The common stock of Company XYZ is currently trading at a price of $42.00 both a put and a call option are available for XYZ stock, each having an exercise price of $40 and an expiration date in exactly six months. The current market prices for the out and call are $1.45 and a$3.90, respectively. The risk-free holding pe

    Put call parity, implied volatility

    AD 13: The Dow Jones Industrial Average on August 15, 2008 was 11,660 and the price of the December 117 call was $3.50. Assume the risk-free rate is 4.2%, the dividend yield is 2% and the option expires on December 25 (options markets are closed the day after Christmas). Q1: Use Derivagem to calculate the implied volatility o

    Intrinsic value of the warrant

    The Whipple Corporation currently has common stock selling for $25 per share on the National Stock Exchange. Warrants are also available entitling the warrant holder the option of purchasing 1 share of common stock for every 3 warrants held. The exercise price is $19 per share. The warrants are currently selling for $4 per warra

    average market risk premium

    If the average annual rate of return for common stocks is 13%, and treasury bills is 3.8%, what is the average market risk premium?

    Third Party Conflict Resolution Paper - "Pacific Oil Company"

    I have the following task, and I need some help getting started: Write a 2000 word essay about the attachment in which you analyze the possible intervention strategies. Apply what you believe to be the best strategy and explain how it should resolve the conflict. In case your best strategy does not work, or is rejected, develop

    Mechanics of Option Markets

    AD 8: The price of a stock is $50. The price of a one-year European put option on the stock with a strike price of 42 is quoted as $8 and the price of a one-year European call option on the stock with a strike price of 58 is quoted as $6. Q1: Suppose that an investor buys 100 shares (one round lot), shorts 1 call option contr

    What is the arbitrage opportunity with this European call option and put option?

    AD 9: A European call option and put option on a stock both have a strike price of $30 and an expiration date in six months. Both sell for $5. The risk-free interest rate is 7% per annum, the current stock price is $27.80 and a $1 dividend is expected in 2 months. Identify the arbitrage opportunity open to the trader. Q1: To

    Options: strike price, intrinsic value, speculative premium, futres

    2. Look at the option quotes in Table 15-2. (see attached) a. What is the closing price of the common stock of SINGLE Systems? b. What is the highest strike price listed? c. What is the price of a December 20 call option? d. What is the price of a January 22.50 put option? 3. Assume a stock is selling for $66.75 with opti

    The Rondo Company: Funding a special project

    Need to make a recommendation based on this info. How do I go about obtaining this to do so? Assess the financing proposals in terms of attractiveness in cost and associated risk. Please evaluate the following financing alternatives: commercial bank loan, mortgage bond, common stock, preferred stock with warrants and convert

    Debt Vs. Equity Financing

    1. What is debt financing? Give at least two examples. 2. What is equity financing? Give at least two examples. 3. Which alternative capital structure is more advantageous? Why?

    Expected Dividend and Buying a Stock

    You are considering buying a stock with an expected dividend next year of $2, and a long-term growth rate of 10%. If your required rate of return is 14%, what price are you willing to pay for the stock?

    Liabilities, Bonds, and Liquidity and Solvency

    1. Georgia Lazenby believes a current liability is a debt that can be expected to be paid in one year. Is Georgia correct? Explain. 2 a. What are long-term liabilities? Give two examples. b. What is a bond? 3. Contrast these types of bonds: a. Secured and unsecured. b. Convertible and callable. 4. Valenti