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Net Present Value (NPV)

Evaluating Potential Projects Question

When evaluating potential projects, which of the following factors should be incorporated as part of a project's estimated cash flow? A) Any sunk costs that were incurred in the past prior to considering the proposed project. B) Any opportunity costs that are incurred if the project is undertaken. C) Any externalities (both

Managerial Finance - NPV calculations

12. The Nagud Company had the following financial information in the annual audited financial statements. Balance Sheet Current Assets Current Liabilities Cash $ 2,500 Accounts Payable $5,000

Fiancial Management

Year Undiscounted free cash flows 0 (380,000) 1 20,000 2 30,000 3 200,000 4 175,000 5 130,000 6 145,000 Required rate of return 15% 5. Assume the required rate of return increases to 20%. The net present value of the investment

Cash Flow

1. An investment requires an initial outlay of $1,500,000 and generates cash flows of $200,000 at the end of each year for ten years. The required return is 10%. Find the net present value, profitability index and the payback period. Is the investment desirable? 2. 40% tax bracket. Compute the after-tax cash flows for th

A. Prepare a table determining the after-tax net cash flows for this project for years 0 thru 5. b. Determine the NPV for this project. Show all work. c. Make a recommendation to the CFO about this project. Strongly defend your recommendation.

General Electric is considering the investment in a capital project. The initial cost in year 0 is $100,000 to be depreciated straight line over 5 years to an expected salvage value of $5,000. The firm?s tax rate is 35% and it has an 11% cost of capital. For this project an additional investment in working capital of $8,000 is r

Sources of financing new business projects

(i) Other than the net present value (NPV)give an analysis of other matters to be considered in decision process. ie. IRR, PAYBACK and analyse these options in detail. (ii) Evaluate appropriate sources of finance that could be used to fund the setting up a new factory for a privately family owned company. (The company produ

Net Present Value - Sleep-Easily Ltd

Net Present Value - See the attached file. Sleep-Easily Ltd manufactures high quality, branded orthopaedic furniture in Manchester. The products are made in limited numbers and for limited production periods of usually no more than six years. All products are sold on the Web, supported by speciality magazine advertising. A s

NPV of projects

#1 The Acme Manufacturing has a project involving the purchase of equipment for $35,000 that will increase sales of Acme Manufacturing by $ 14,500 per year. The annual running costs of this equipment for the first 3 years are $ 1,000, $ 2,000, and $ 4,000 respectively. It will increase by $ 3,500 every year from then on. The e


Problem #3 (26.) Abandonment Option. Hit or Miss Sports is introducing a new product this year. If its see-at-night soccer balls are a hit, the firm expects to be able to sell 50,000 units a year at a price of $60 each. If the new product is a bust, only 30,000 units can be sold at a price of $55. The variable cost of each ba

Pappy's Potato: Calculating Project Cash Flows and NPV for your portfolio

Calculating Project Cash Flows and NPV - See attached file. If your portfolio is invested 30 percent each in A and B and 40 percent in C, what is the portfolio's expected return? The variance? The standard deviation? b. If the expected T-bill rate is 4.25 percent, what is the expected risk premium on the portfolio? c. I

Certainty equivalent net present value: Accept - reject decision

1. Certainty equivalents - Accept - reject decision Pleasantville ball valve has constructed a table, shown below, that gives expected cash inflows and certainty equivalent factors for these cash inflows. These measures are for a new machine with a five-year life that requires an initial investment of $95,000. The fir

Calculation of the NPV (net present value) of alternative manufacturing options.

A manager must decide how many machines of a certain type to buy. The machines will be used to manufacture a new gear for which there is increased demand. The manager has narrowed the decision to two alternatives: buy one machine or buy two. If only one machine is purchased and demand is more than it can handle, a second machine


Cusic Cordwood Co. has a project available that will provide aftertax cash flows of $185,000 for the next 6 years. The project has more risk than the company, so the president has told you to use an adjustment factor of plus 2 (+2) percent in your calculations. The company uses 65% equity and 35% debt in its capital structure

Finance: Optimal replacement cycle for machinery and when it should be replaced.

Gillian is deciding whether to replace an old machine, and has assembled some information (refer to attachment File #1). She believes that the second-hand market value of either machine will decline over time in line with the depreciation schedule (eg. the old machine should sell for $3,000 today). If there are no taxes, and Gil