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    Accounting: Mindy Norton, LeBron, Austin, Kwiatkowski, Xtra Company

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    1) Mindy Norton Company reported the following information for 2004:
    Sales $500,000
    Average Operating Assets $300,000
    Desired ROI 10%
    Net Income $ 45,000
    Based on this information, calculate the company's residual income for 2004.

    2) LeBron Company is considering two new machines that should produce considerable cost savings in its assembly operations. The cost of each machine is $15,000 and neither is expected to have a salvage value at the end of a 4-year useful life. LeBron's required rate of return is 12% and the company prefers that a project return its initial outlay within the first half of the project's life. The annual after-tax cash savings for each machine are provided in the following table:
    a. Compute the payback period for each machine using the incremental approach.
    b. Compute the unadjusted rate of return based on average investment for each machine. The machines will be depreciated on a straight-line basis.
    c. Compute the net present value for each machine.
    d. Which machine would you recommend? Explain your reasoning.
    e. Compute the internal rate of return for Machine A.
    How much would each company bid on the job?
    c. What lesson should be learned from this exercise?

    3) Three competing manufacturing companies provided the following estimated costs and operating data for 2003:

    The three companies use different allocation bases for allocating overhead costs to work in process:
    Company Allocation Base
    Austin Direct Labor Hours
    Baldwin Direct Material Costs
    Crenshaw Direct Labor Costs
    All three companies use a cost plus pricing approach and set their prices at 25% above cost.
    a. Compute the predetermined overhead rate that would be used by each company to allocate overhead costs to work in process.
    b. Suppose all three companies bid on a job that is expected to consist of the following:
    Direct material $30,000
    Direct labor $50,000
    Direct labor hours 12,000
    How much would each company bid on the job?
    c. What lesson should be learned from this exercise?

    4) The Kwiatkowski Company estimates that its production workers will produce 100,000 units during the upcoming period and that overhead costs will amount to $500,000.
    a. Calculate the predetermined overhead rate based on expected production.
    b. Assume that actual output totaled only 90,000 units. How much overhead cost was allocated to work in process?
    c. Also assume the actual overhead cost incurred was $540,000. By how much was overhead over-applied or under-applied during the period? (Be sure to indicate whether over-or-under-applied.)

    5) The income statement and supplemental information for Xtra Company are provided below:

    Supplemental information:
    Prepare the company's statement of cash flows. Use the direct method of reporting cash flow from operating activities.

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