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Xtra Company - Income Statement

The income statement and supplemental information for Xtra Company are provided below: (see attachment)
a. Acquired equipment for $87,000 by paying cash of $75,750 and is issuing a note payable for the difference.
b. Beginning cash balance, $15,020. Increase in cash, $86,490
c. Collections from customers were $5,250 more than sales
d. Interest revenue, interest expense, and income tax expense equal their cash amounts
e. Issued stock for cash, $22,500
f. Payment of dividends, $8,250
g. Payment of long-term note payable, $11,250
h. Payments to employees were $750 more than salary expense
i. Payments to suppliers were $6,750 less than the sum of cost of goods sold plus advertising expense
j. Sold land for $10,500

Prepare the company's statement of cash flows. Use the direct method of reporting cash flow from operating activities.


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Cash Flows from Operating Activity

Cash Receipt from customers 177000
Cash paid to suppliers -20400
Cash paid for Salaries -5610
Cash generated from operations 150990
Income tax paid -6250
Net cash from operating activities 144740

Cash flow from Investing ...

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This solution prepares the company's statement of cash flows using the direct method of reporting cash flows from operating activities using the supplemental information and the income statement of 2003.