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Inventory Control

1) What inventory controls does you company use? Compare them to those of a competitor, or that a company in a similar industry uses 2) Which costs of inventory does your company incur? With an example, please quantify them. 3) What project management tools does your company use? With an example, desc

Working capital management

1. What factors determine the size of the investment a firm makes in account receivable? which of these factors are under the control of the financial manager? 2. How does the level of liquidity that a firm maintains affects its value? 3. What are the disadvantage and advantage of offering a discount for early payment?

Function of System and Its Improvement

Please help with the following problems. Identify and explain how a system in an organization functions. What is one of its weaknesses and explain how you believe the system could be improved. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of just-in-time inventory? What could be done to lessen some of the disadvantage

How to prepare a statement using Absorption costing system

A company manufactures a single product. The company sells its entire production as soon as it is manufactured; consequently, there is neither opening nor closing stock of finished goods. The company uses just in time ordering and the production cycle is very short, with the result that opening and closing stocks of raw material

Cost Management for JIT Environments Ch 11 multiple choice

This is for an college level accounting II class. I am really struggling with the solutions to these multiple choice questions. Please help. 1. Long lead times are the result of: a. long setup times b. large batch sizes c. large inventories d. all of the above 2. How are the objectives of Just-in

Just-In-Time System; Product Quality Cost; Incremental Analysis / Cost

1. Which of the following is not commonly used to measure product quality in a just-in-time system? a. Defects per million. b. Merchandise returns. c. Manufacturing efficiency ratio. d. Warranty claims. 2. Four categories of costs associated with product quality are: a. External failure, internal failure, prevention, an

Value-Adding; Activity-Based Management; Just-In-Time System

6. Next Generation Information Systems, Inc. pays salaries to a number of computer scientists to design and develop computer operating systems. Into which component of the value chain would this cost be classified? a. Research and development and design. b. Suppliers and production. c. Distribution and marketing. d. Customer

Morrow Company Target Costing

Target Costing Morrow Company is a large manufacturer of auto parts for automakers and parts distributors. Although Morrow has plants throughout the world, most are in North America. Morrow is known for the quality of its parts and for the reliability of its operations. Customers receive their orders in a timely manner and