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    Summary of JIT Inventory System

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    Claire's Antiques would like to implement a JIT inventory system. You are to make a presentation at this afternoon's meeting on the pros and cons of JIT, as well as, how it can be applied at Claire's Antiques. Use the Library to research articles on JIT inventory systems at another company for supporting material.

    You have decided to refresh your memory on JIT by reading the article from Information Week (May 7 ,2001) on Just-in-Time Inventory


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    This five-slide PowerPoint discusses JIT inventory systems: (1) definition, (2) advantages of JIT, (3) disadvantages of JIT, (4) critical success factors for JIT, and (5) conclusion - how JIT can be applied at Claire's Antiques. Note that this PowerPoint which is attached to this solution provides a basic structure of how this summary should be outlined and acts more as a guide which one can work and build from.