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International Finance

Bakken Co and Farley Co: Exchange of Assets

Please see attachment. Exchange of Assets. Assume that the following cases are independent and rely on the following data. Make entries on the books of both companies. Bakken Co. Farley Co. Equipment (cost) $540,000 $990,000 Accumulated depreciation 174,000 540,000 Fair market value of equipment 420,000 420,000

Current assets, operating cycle, comprehensive income, personal allowances

How are current assets defined and list 6 examples of Current Assets? What decides the length of a company's operating cycle? What is Comprehensive Income and provide a Journal Entry example to record comprehensive Income? How is it reported? Briefly explain the difference between personal allowances calculated using the "

Difference in fixed exchange rate and floating rate systems

Explain the major differences in the fixed exchange rate and floating rate systems. You need to compare the systems in terms of their impacts on the effectiveness of monetary and fiscal policies, on the trade balances, and price and output stabilities.

Corporate Compliance Report: Plan to implement enterprise risk management (COSO)

Using your own organization or an organization with which you are familiar, develop a report in which you outline a plan to implement enterprise risk management based on the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) recommendations. You must provide an explanation of the history and application o

Embedded Derivative concept: Global Manufacturing

You are employed by a CPA firm that has an international client, Global Manufacturing, with home offices in a country in the European Union. The company recently entered into a lucrative sales contract with a company in South Africa. The contract is rather unusual for Global in that it is denominated in neither the currency of t

Journal Entries and Currency Translation for Acquisition

Alamo Inc. purchased 80 percent of the outstanding stock of Western Ranching Company, located in Australia, on January 1, 20X3. The purchase price in Australian dollars (A$) was A$200,000, and A$40,000 of the differential was allocated to plant and equipment, which is amortized over a 10-year period. The remainder of the differe

Currency fluctuations: European inflation, exchange risk

29. If U.S. inflation suddenly increased while European inflation stayed the same, there would be: a. an increased U.S. demand for euros and an increased supply of euros for sale. b. a decreased U.S. demand for euros and an increased supply of euros for sale. c. a decreased U.S. demand for euros and a decreased supply of euro

Currency fluctuations: Mexico, UK, income level, inflation rate

27. A large increase in the income level in Mexico along with no growth in the U.S. income level is normally expected to cause (assuming no change in interest rates or other factors) a(n) ______ in Mexican demand for U.S. goods, and the Mexican peso should _______. a. increase; appreciate b. increase; depreciate c. decrease;

Avoiding Risk from Exchange Rate Fluctuations

18. If a U.S. firm desires to avoid the risk from exchange rate fluctuations, and it is receiving 100,000 in 90 days, it could: a. obtain a 90 day forward purchase contract on euros. b. obtain a 90 day forward sale contract on euros. c. purchase euros 90 days from now at the spot rate. d. sell euros 90 days from now at the s

Calculation of Currency Fluctuations

The value of the Australian dollar (A$) today is $0.73. Yesterday, the value of the Australian dollar was $0.69. The Australian dollar ________ by _______%. A) depreciated; 5.80 B) depreciated; 4.00 C) appreciated; 5.80 D) appreciated; 4.00 I know that the dollar has appreciated but how do I calculate the appreciation r

Currency Transaction Report: banks must file with the IRS

Banks are required to file a Currency Transaction Report with the Internal Revenue Service for: a. any suspected criminal activity inbilbing funds of any amount b. all transaction involving cash or certain types of checks of more than $1,000 c. all transactions involving ordinary checks of $10,000 or more d. all transa

Training for foreign assignment

From a diversity standpoint, what do you need to know about your targeted learners and the training requirements needed prior to taking an assignment in a foreign country.

Chapter 14 Study Questions

I have been reading Chapter 14: Raising Capital in the Financial Markets. 14-1. What are financial markets? What function do they perform? How would an economy be worse off without them? 14-2. Define in a technical sense what we mean by financial intermediary. Give an example of your definition. 14-3. Distinguish betwe

Effect of currency appreciation

Problem Suppose that one swiss franc could be purchased in the foreign exchange market for $0.60 today. If the franc appreciated 10% tomorrow against the dollar, how many francs would a dollar buy tomorrow?

Six-month T-Bills have a nominal rate of 7%, while default-free Japanese bonds that mature in 6 months have a nominal rate of 5.5%. In the spot exchange market, 1 yen equals $0.009. If interest rate parity holds, what is the 6-month forward exchange rate?

Six-month T-Bills have a nominal rate of 7%, while default-free Japanese bonds that mature in 6 months have a nominal rate of 5.5%. In the spot exchange market, 1 yen equals $0.009. If interest rate parity holds, what is the 6-month forward exchange rate?

Ethics article analysis: financial officers

Ethics Article Analysis Need help in preparing an analysis of the attached article in which I address the following items: a. Discuss how ethics affects the financial decision-making process. b. Explain the ethics considerations involved in the financial decision-making outlined in your article. c. Identify the financi

Using Accounting Relations that Govern the Equity Statement

Please show work to all answers as this is being used as a study guide. The book has provide the correct answers in which I provided below. Currently I am having trouble reconciling back to the right answer the book gave. Your help is appreciated. The following is a statement of common shareholder' equity with some numbe

Converting foreign currencies

Country Currency Contract $/Foreign Currency Canada - dollar Spot .8437 30 day .8417 90 day .8395 Japan - yen Spot .004684

Business Plan- Coffee processing in Madagascar

Global Business Venture is to establish a coffee processing plant in the African country of Madagascar 1. Be sure to include the rationale for selecting your target country. 2. Identify potential domestic and international sources of financing for your global venture. Include at least two possible financial institutions

Currency Derivatives: swap rate, profitable arbitrage

4. An investor wishes to buy Euros spot (at $0.9080) and sell Euros forward for 180 days (at $0.9146). a. What is the swap rate on Euros? b. What is the forward premium or discount on 180- day Euros? 7. Suppose the euro is quoted at 0.7064-80 in London and the pound sterling is quoted at 1.6244-59 in Frankfurt. a. I

Risk reducing financial transactions: hedge raw materials prices

(1) Why might a firm undertake risk-reducing financial transactions, for example, a hedge against fluctuations in raw materials prices? Give at least one good reason. What types of risk-reducing financial transactions does your organization use? (2) Which of the following companies would be more likely to hedge its raw mater

Risks of Noncompliance in Corporate Governance

Risks of Noncompliance in Corporate Governance Organizations must address compliance concerns to ensure their longevity. There is a measurable amount of risk associated with falling out of compliance. The degree of risk to an organization differs from one compliance issue to another. As a team, think about the recommendatio