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International Finance

Risks: International Real Estate Industry

Please provide a brief explanation of how the following international risk factors affect the United States REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY: 1. International political risk 2. Foreign exchange rate risk 3. Economic risk

Hospital/healthcare mergers

Hello BrainMass OTAs, I need help with two questions strictly related to healthcare/hospital mergers. 1. Evaluate this assertion: since 1997 there has been a steady decline in hospital mergers. A major reason for this decline has been the lack of anticipated cost savings from the mergers. 2. Also, if a health care merg

Understanding strategic planning in a foreign country

1) Why do global businesses fail even after strategic planning occurs? What tactical adjustments can you make to correct malfunctions (organizational, financial, marketing, ethical, political, legal, etc.) to avoid a total global business failure? 2) What is the relationship between country risk analysis and possible exit str

International Finance - Exchange rates

1. The $/Euro exchange rate is Euro= $0.95, and the Euro/SFr exchange rate is SFr 1 = Euro 0.71. What is the SFr/$ exchange rate? 7. In 1995, one dollar bought ¥80. In 2000, it bought about ¥110. A. What was the dollar value of the yen in 1995? What was the yen's dollar value in 2000? B. By what percent h

Retirement/ Risk Versus

Given stocks, mutual funds, and/or bonds, what would be the best retirement plans? Why? What are some examples of when you make risk versus return decisions in everyday life?

Research the export patterns of a principal competitor

You have been asked to research the export patterns of a principal competitor, which include : Clorox (TM) , Colgate-Palmolive ( TM) , Dial Corporation (TM) , and Procter & Gamble (TM) . Locate the annual report ( and other information ) for one of these companies and prepare a memo ad

Portfolio risk

A. U.S. investor has a portfolio of French, German, Italian, and Dutch bonds. Is this portfolio less risky in U.S. dollar terms now that the euro is the common currency of Europe, since the portfolio is now only exposed to a single exchange rate rather than to four exchange rates for the franc, mark, lira, and guilder?

Accounting problem

Using the attached financials; develop a set of pro forma financials (income statement and balance sheet only) for the next fiscal year-end using the percent-of-sales method. Assume that the company's sales have increased by 20%. Be sure to list the underlying assumptions of your analysis and computations.


Briefly describe the types of risks faced by investors in domestic bonds? Also indicate the additonal risks associated with nondomestic bonds. Explain the differece between Stocks and Bonds and which one Corporations use most to raise capital.

International Finance

1. Define each of the following theories in a sentence or simple equation: a. Interest-rate parity theory b. Expectations theory of forward rates c. Law of one price 2. Ms. Rosetta Stone, the treasurer of International Reprints, Inc., has noticed that the interest rate in Switzerland is below the rates in most other coun

M&M framework of corporate taxes

Within the M&M framework of corporate taxes but no personal taxes, determine the present value of the interest tax shield of Herculio Mining, as well as the total value of the firm. Herculio has net operating income of $5 million; there is $50 million of debt outstanding with a required rate of return of 6 percent; the required

The Federal Reserve Bank and economics discussion questions

The Federal Reserve Bank publishes a report called the Beige Book eight times a year that summarizes the current economic conditions in each of the 12 bank districts. 1. Report the recent conditions of consumer spending, labor markets, wages and prices, and industrial activity. 2. What is the most recent monetar

Multinational subsidiary host balance of payments (BOP) deficit; what measures?

1. You are the chief executive officer of a multinational's subsidiary in a developing host country. The subsidiary has been in business for about eight years, making electric motors for the host country's domestic market, with mediocre financial results. Before you left the home country a month ago, you were told to make the su

2 multiple choice questions on International Finance: Options, Parity conditions

1. A call option exists on British pounds with an exercise price of $1.60, a 90-day expiration date, and a premium of $.03 per unit. A put option exists on British pounds with an exercise price of $1.60, a 90-day expiration date, and a premium of $.02 per unit. You plan to purchase options to cover your future receivables of 700

Multiple choice questions in International Finance: Parity conditions

1) If the forward rate was expected to be an unbiased estimate of the future spot rate, and interest rate parity holds, then: a) covered interest arbitrage is feasible. b) the international Fisher effect (IFE) is supported. c) the international Fisher effect (IFE) is refuted. d) the average absolute error from fore

Financial statements - Prep test for Accounting

1. The requirement that only transaction data capable of being expressed in terms of money be included in the accounting records relates to the a. cost principle. b. monetary unit assumption. c. economic entity assumption. d. both a and b above. 2. A financial statement that reports accounting data at a specific d

Physical Movement Company: Global Management in Practice

Scenario: You have achieved great success at Physical Movement Company (PM Co.) as their Sales Manager. PM Company is a three year old, US$25 million home healthcare company, headquartered in the northeastern part of the United States. The firm creates and sells wheelchairs, walkers or other types of "mobility products" that

Working Capital Management in Health Care

Working Capital Management in Health Care Paper: Summarize at least three articles on working capital management. Cite a minimum of three primary source references with publication dates less than 18 months old.

International Finance and Transactional Exposure.

Can someone help me out with two questions that I am struggling with comprehending. Can you provide in layman's term: 1) How does hedging help in limiting a company's transactional exposure? 2) How does a currency swap help in limiting transactional exposure?

Change in Equity

Using the GM annual report can you explain change in equity for the most recent year. (using the statement of shareholder's equity)