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Direct Write-Off Method

For many small business's, especially those that make the majority of sales in cash, the amount of accounts receivables that become uncollectible is immaterial. As a result, these business's are not required to use the allowance method to value accounts receivable, which is used to better match bad debt expenses with revenues. The simpler alternative for these companies is the direct write-off method. Under the direct write-off method, when an account is determined to be uncollectible, it is simply written off as a bed debt expense at this time and no allowance account is used. 

For example, imagine a local dry cleaner that does pick up and drop off service when a customer puts down their credit card. One customers credit card payment is declined after delivery. The customer had a couple suits and ties dry cleaned, totalling $135. The dry cleaner would make an accounting entry as follows. 

Sometimes a business will collect on an account that was originally deemed uncollectible. For example, imagine a month later this customer walks back into the dry cleaner with his suits again, and the dry cleaner takes cash from him for this previous charge. The dry cleaner would correct the bad debt expese recognized by making the following reversing entry.

The uncollectible accounts recovered account is a revenue account. The business could also simply credit bad debt expense as well to reduce the balance of the bad debt expense account. 

Methods of Cost Allocation

A2 Company has two service departments (General Factory and Repair) and two operating departments (Fabrication and Assembly). Management has decided to allocate repair costs on the basis of the area (square feet) in each department and to allocate General Factory on the basis of labor hours worked by the employees in each of the

Cost Allocation: A1 Company

A1 Company has two production departments: D and J. Stephanie also has 3 service departments: Personnel, Administration, and Shipping. Shipping costs are allocated on the basis of number of packages, while Personnel and Administration costs are allocated using number of employees. Assume that the ranking of the benefits provided

Computation of Operating Activities-Direct Method

(Computation of Operating Activities-Direct Method) Presented below are two independent situations. Situation A: Chenowith Co. reports revenues of $200,000 and operating expenses of $110,000 in its first year of operations, 2010. Accounts receivable and accounts payable at year-end were $71,000 and $39,000, respectively.

12-47 12-48 Step down & Direct Method - Wheelick Controls

see attached for better formatting of data 12-47 Direct Method for Service Department Allocation Wheelick Controls Company has two producing departments, Mechanical Instruments and Electronic Instruments. In addition, there are two service departments, Building Services and Materials Receiving and Handling

The direct and step-down method of costing

See attached file. 12-59 Allocating Costs Using Direct and Step-Down Methods Goal: Create an Excel spreadsheet to allocate costs using the direct method and the stepdown method. Use the results to answer questions about your findings. Scenario: Antonio Cleaning has asked you to help them determine the best method for

Direct method of cost allocation

Auro national bank has two service department, the Human Resources Department and the Computing Department. The bank has two other department that directly service customers, the Deposit Department and the Loan Department. The usage of the two service departments output for the year is as follows: User of service

Bad Debt Expenses, Write-Off Method

P9-2A Information related to Dekalb Company for 2006 is summarized below. Total Credit Sales $1,640,000 Accounts Receivable at Dec. 31 620,000 Bad debts written off 26,000 Instructions a.) What amount of bad debts expense will Dekalb Company report if t uses the direct write-off method? b.) Assume that DeK

Direct Method of Service Department Cost Allocation

Bay State Community College enrolls students in two departments, Liberal Arts and Sciences. The college also has two service departments, the Library, and the Computing Services Department. The usage of these two service departments' output for the year is as follows:

Dreamworks International Operating section of Cash Flows, Direct Method

The income statement of Dreamworks International Co. for the year ended December 31, 2002, reported the following condensed information. Morgan Erin Corporation Corporation Cash provided by operations $300,000 $300,000 Average current liabilities 50,000 100,000 Average total liabilities 200,000 250,000 Net income 200,000