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    Direct method allocating to production departments

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    A1 Company has two production departments: D and J. Stephanie also has 3 service departments: Personnel, Administration, and Shipping. Shipping costs are allocated on the basis of number of packages, while Personnel and Administration costs are allocated using number of employees. Assume that the ranking of the benefits provided is in the order listed below.

    Department Costs Employees # of Packages
    Personnel $600,000 25 7,000
    Administration 800,000 20 9,000
    Shipping 700,000 12 27,500
    D 500,000 10 5,000
    J 400,000 15 6,000

    1. Using the direct method, what amount of personnel costs is allocated to Department J (rounded to the nearest $)?

    2. Using the step method, what amount of Administration costs is allocated to Department D (rounded to the nearest $)?

    3. Using the step method, what amount of Personnel costs is allocated to Department J (rounded to the nearest $)?

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