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    New Customer Strategy for Coca Cola

    Can someone help me with a new customer strategy? It's for Coca Cola. Customer Valuation and Retention (one paragraph to describe the following sections) Needs-Determination Strategy (two paragraphs) Customer Valuation (two paragraphs) Customer Retention Policies (five policies, one per paragraph)

    Computing Cost of Sales and Ending Inventory

    Computing Cost of Sales and Ending Inventory Stocken Company has the following financial records for the current period. Units Unit Cost Beginning Inventory 100 $ 46 Purchases: #1 650 42 #2 550 38 #3 200 36 Ending inventory is 350 units. Compute t

    Straight-line depreciation (Zeibart Company)

    On January 1, Zeibart Company purchases equipment for $220,000. The equipment has an estimated useful life of 10 years and expected salvage value of $25,000. The company uses straight-line depreciation. Four years later, economic factors cause the fair value of the equipment to decline to $85,000. On this date, Zeibart examines

    Cases about stakeholders and ethics

    PRODUCT SAFETY AND ADVERTISING For years, arthritis sufferers have risked intestinal bleeding from the long-term consumption of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as Advil, which are used to ease chronic joint pain. Your company, Big Pharma, introduced a new type of painkiller, a COX-2 inhibitor that addresse

    Handling Lifecycles in Software

    As organizations grow and change, their information systems must change as well. Consider these examples: Gazing more at the rowers on the [Schuylkill River] below than on the automobiles ahead, a [Center City Philadelphia] driver slams into the car in front of him, causing an accident that increases the ride home for many comm

    COSO Enterprise Risk Management Framework

    Which element of the COSO enterprise risk management framework is most closely associated with each of the following? a) ALG Corporation bonds key employees. b) Based on previous experience, TRG Corporation's management believes the risk of inventory shortages is moderate. c) BPC Corporation implements a profit-sharing plan

    Implementation of 404 in the SOX Act

    Prepare a paper on the implementation of Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in 2002. Discuss how accountants within an organization are involved in helping their organizations comply with this section. Describe also how accountants in public accounting and consulting are affected by this section of SOX. 1,000 - 1,500 words.

    AICPA vs IMA Code Of Professional Conduct

    500 words in MS word-Compares the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct and the IMA Code of Professional Conduct Describes the purpose and major elements of both codes and compares the two codes Identifies the major similarities Identifies and explains the major differences Format paper according to APA guidelines. http://w

    Risk in Internal Control Procedures

    2. a. Consider the four vignettes: Internal control over cash, Embezzling, information Technology and inventory. For each one, suggest one additional internal control procedure. Discuss whether the procedure you suggest is preventive, detective or corrective; also identify the type of risk it is designed to control based on ris

    Internal Controls Development and Implementation

    Consider the following story from the December 10, 2008 edition of the Las Vegas Review-Journal: Authorities unsealed the indictments of 15 people involved in a Eurasian gang on Tuesday, revealing an organized crime ring that raked in about $1.5 million through stolen credit cards and identity theft in the Las Vegas Valley. The

    Professions within accounting

    Write a paper of 700-800 words that accomplishes the following: Define a "profession." Provide at least three examples of specific professions within accounting and justifying your assertion that they are in fact professions. Describe the seven characteristics of a profession. Define a "professional." Describe the characteri

    Accounting Information Systems, Hierarchical Coding and Control

    1.What are the three major types of funds found in most local government accounting information systems? 2. What is "hierarchical coding" with respect to a chart of accounts? How would hierarchical coding be useful for companies? 3. What is internal control? Why is it a fundamental part of accounting information systems?

    Changes to Accounting and Error Analysis

    Please be advised that this is only a discussion not a test or assignment and not an essay. I required at least 200 words. Thank You Assess and discuss the criteria and procedures involved in accounting changes and error analysis. What are the major reasons why companies change accounting methods? Explain the three approaches

    True/False questing on accounting information systems

    4. Statement evaluation. designing and implementing accounting information systems requires judgment and critical thinking. Your job is to explain whether each statement is (i) always true, (ii) sometimes true, or (iii) never true. If you answer (ii), explain when the statement is true. a. Data in an accounting information s

    Accounting Scandals - Tesco

    Included is a link to a recent article discussing that even though we have had a number of high profile accounting scandals in recent history, they are still occurring at a fairly alarming rate. http://www.economist.com/news/briefing/21635978-some-13-years-after-enron-auditors-still-cant-stop-managers-cooking-books-time-some

    DuPont Model

    Consolidated Statements of Earnings For Fiscal Years Ended ($ millions) February 27, 2010 February 28, 2009 March 1, 2008 Revenue $ 49,694 $ 45,015 $ 40,023 Cost of goods sold 37,534 34,

    Accounting Information Systems and Technologies

    1. What are the essential elements of an accounting information system? 2. What does AIS mean to you? How do you incorporate AIS into your daily life? 3. Does the presence or absence of computers and other forms of information technology determine whether or not a business has an accounting information system?

    US GAAP vs. IFRS: Shareholder equity section

    Please help with the following problem. Briefly describe some of the similarities and differences between U.S. GAAP and IFRS with respect to the accounting for stockholders' equity.

    NNO, NOPAT, NOA, RNOA, NOPM, NOAT, NOR, ROE Calculations

    Analysis and Interpretation of Profitability Balance sheets and income statements for Nordstrom, Inc. follow. Refer to these financial statements to answer the requirements. NORDSTROM, INC. Consolidated Statements of Earnings For Fiscal Years Ended ($ millions) 2010 2009 2008 (numbers listed underneath by order) Sal

    Comprehensive Account Posting Problem

    The ledger of AISExperts Inc. showed the following balances after adjustment, but before closing, on December 31, 2015, the end of the current year: Supplies 1000 Accounts payable 78000 Accounts receivable 102000 Accumulated depreciation - equipment 27000 Depreciation expense 1200 Interest revenue 1025 Cash 80500 Commo

    Creating and Reporting Intangible Assets

    What are the main characteristics of intangible assets? How are they presented in the balance sheet? How do you estimate their usefulness? Why is there a distinction between purchased and internally created intangibles?

    Deprciation of Fixed Assets

    Give two examples of fixed assets that you believe should be depreciated with different methods. Do not identify the appropriate methods.

    Property Tax: Assessment Problem

    Over the last few years, many people have experienced situations in which the property they purchased several years ago was assessed at a higher value than it would be in today's market. Often, when one tries to appeal the assessment, the board of assessors can actually rule that the assessed value is higher than the value at wh

    Absorption, variable costing, cost variances & joint cost

    Problem 1 Part A The Best Company uses absorption costing for external reporting and variable costing for internal managers. In January 2014, their first month of operation, the accountant collected the following data; Beginning inventory 0 units Standard and actual production volume 2,000 units Sales volume

    CVP Memo

    Instructions Review the following memorandum and provide a response to the information requested. DATE: September 12th FROM: Senior Consultant TO: Consulting Team RE: Projections for Upcoming Year A smaller 2-year old emerging venture is set to enter a new segment of its original target market, with a modified version of

    Procedures in Collecting Forensic Evidence

    As corporate controller for Apollo Shoes, you are tasked to find and explain any irregularities in the Apollo Shoes Case. Resource: Apollo Shoes Casebook Define the process you will use and address the following questions: What procedures will you use to collect accounting evidence? What sampling tools and techniques will yo