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    Explaining the Groupon Scandal

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    Can someone help me with doing an outline (numbered or bulleted) for the Groupon scandal? I need 5-6 topics in the order that I could discuss. I attached the requirements (see attachment).

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    Groupon Scandal:
    - The investment company Lightbank was the first investor in Groupon. In 2010, it raised $135 million from Digital Sky Technologies, a Russian investment firm. In 2010 the board of Groupon approved a change to the company's certificate of incorporation that would allow the company to raise $960 million in venture capital funding (1).
    - In June 2011 Groupon filed for an IPO. It was marketed by Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse and Allen & Company (2). During its launch in November, 2011 the price opened at $20 per share and moved to $31 per share.
    - In its public offering itself Groupon disclosed that it is losing $100 million per ...

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