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    Product Profitability and Activity-Based Costing Methodologies

    Problem: 4.49 (Product Profitability) Complete problem 4.49 in Hilton. As you complete the problem, refer to the following suggestions: You will be calculating unit costs for products A and B using both traditional and activity-based costing methodologies. a. When developing your activity-based costing rates, be sure t

    Determining the cost of cash discounts

    Determine the cost of giving up cash discounts under each of the following terms of sale (assuming 365 day year). a) 2/10 net 30 b) 1/10 net 30 c) 2/10 net 45 d) 3/10 net 45 e) 1/10 net 60 f) 3/10 net 30 g) 4/10 net 180


    I need the solutions for these 2 problems to help in my examination preparation. thanks Sample problem 4. Lennox Industries manufactures two products: A and B. A review of the company's accounting records revealed the following per-unit costs and production volumes: A B Production volume (units) 2,500 5,000 Direc


    I need help with these 2 problems. Thanks. Moore Company needs to determine the variable utilities rate per direct machine hour in order to estimate cost for August. Relevant information is as follows. Month Machine Hours Worked Utilities Cost April 4,800 $4,144 May 5,200 4,300 June 5,600 4,482 July 6,000 4,

    Accounting using the Equity Method and the Fair Value Method for the parent

    (Equity Method) Parent Co. invested $1,000,000 in Sub Co. for 25% of its outstanding stock. Sub Co. pays out 40% of net income in dividends each year. Instructions Use the information in the following T-account for the investment in Sub to answer the following questions. Investment in Sub Co. 1,000,000 110,0

    Accrued interest , Current and Long-term note balance

    On August 1, 2007, Seinfeld Co issued a note payable to First Providence Bank in the amount of $1,200,000. The interest rate on the note is 8% and the note is payable in three payments annually of $400,000 plus interest on August 1st each year. The first payment is due August 1, 2008. Please provide the following: a. Accrued

    Present Value Income Stream

    Find the present value of an income stream which has a negative flow of $100 per year for 3 years, a positive flow of $200 in the 4th year, and a positive flow of $300 per year in Years 5 through 8. The appropriate discount rate is 4 percent for each of the first 3 years and 5 percent for each of the later years. Thus, a cash

    Markup Percentage on Total Unit

    Livingston Corporation manufactures an electronic switch for dishwashers. The cost base per unit, excluding selling and administrative expenses, is $60. The per unit cost of selling and administrative expenses is $20. The company's desired ROI per unit is $6. Calculate its markup percentage on total unit cost.

    Stadard Costs/Ideal and Normal Standard

    Standard costs facilitate management planning. What are the other advantages of standard costs? Please distinguish between an ideal standard and a normal standard.

    20 questions: Variable Costing methods and calculations

    20 questions Tables for questions 5 - 11 - 12 - 15 - 19 in attachment Question 1 Absorption costing is useful because it reflects the full costs that sales must exceed for the company to be profitable. Question 1 answers True False Question 2 When evaluating a special order, management should

    Changing Fixed Costs to Variable Costs at Blockbuster Video

    1. Changing Fixed Costs to Variable Costs at Blockbuster Video According to an article in Business Week, when John F. Antioco took charge of Blockbuster Video, he changed the company's strategy. Traditionally, Blockbuster had bought videotapes from the move studios for an average cost of about $65 each, planning to rent them ou

    Break-even point

    1. Cost-Volume-Profits and Vending Machines Riccardo Food Services Company operates and services soft drink vending machines located in restaurants, gas stations, and factories in four southeastern states. The machines are rented from the manufacture. In addition, Riccardo must rent the space occupied by its machines. The follo

    Davidson Enterprises: Remedies for Tight Cash Positions

    Dinesh Patel is the sales manager of Davidson Enterprises, a very profitable distributor of office furniture to local businesses. A recent economic downturn has created an extremely tight cash position, and the company has been hurt by the bankruptcy of two key customers. In late October, anticipating an economic recovery,

    Optimum Order Quantity - EOQ Analysis

    Tiger Corp purchases 1,200,000 units per year of one component. The fixed cost per order is $25. The annual carrying cost of the item is 27% of its $2 cost. a) Determine the EOQ under each of the following conditions: (1) no changes, (2) order cost of zero, and (3) carrying cost of zero. b) What do your answers illustrate

    Annual rates

    Jasmine Scents has been given two competing offers for short term financing. Both offers are for borrowing $15000 for 1 year. The first offer is a discount loan at 8%, the second offer is for interest to be paid at maturity at a stated interest rate of 9%. Calculate the effective annual rates for each loan and indicate which loa


    Belltown Athletic Supply (BAS) makes game jerseys for athletic teams. The F.C. Kitsap soccer club has offered to buy 100 jerseys for the teams in its league for $15 per jersey. The team price for such jerseys normally is $18, an 80% markup over BAS's purchase price of $10 per jersey. BAS adds a nmae and number to each jersey at

    Choice of Products

    The Skill Craft Appliance Company has two products: a plain mixer and a fancy mixer. The plain mixer sells for 464 and has a variable cost of $48. The fancy mixer sells for $100 and has a variable cost of $70. 1. compute contribution margins and contribution-margin ratios for plain and fancy mixers. 2. The demand is for more

    Monroe Company: Compute scheduled production and purchases

    The Monroe Company has budgeted sales for the year as follows: Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4 sales in unit 10,000 12,000 14,000 16,000 The ending inventory of finished goods for each quarter should equal 25% of the next quarter's budgeted sales in un

    Calculating accounts payable for end of year

    I need help understanding this question: Acmal Manufacturing Company is estimating the following raw material purchases for the last four months of the year: September $850,000 October $900,000 November $810,000 December $780,000 At Acmal, 25% of raw materials purchases are normally paid for in the month

    Taxation: Medical Expenses (Multiple Choice Questions)

    Phillip developed hip problems and was unable to climb the stairs to reach his second-floor bedroom. His physician advised him to add a first-floor bedroom to his home. The cost of constructing the room was $32,000. The increase in the value of the residence as a result of the room addition was determined to be $17,000. In addi

    Undergraduate Accounting Education

    Please read the attached article (Increasing the Relevance of Undergraduate Accounting Education) and discuss how to improve undergraduate accounting education.

    Retained Earnings and Cash Paid for Patents

    See attach files. A company had the following information: The ending balance in the Retained Earnings account is: $61,000 $63,000 $65,000 $74,000 Table 16-1 Referring to Tables 16-1 and 16-2, the cash paid for patents by Silver Company in 20X6 was: $0 $12,000 $2,400

    Tax: Employee business expenses deductions, and allowable medical expenses

    During the year, Kirk travels from Trenton to Oslo (Norway) on business. His time was spent as follows: 2 days travel (one day each way), 2 days business, and 2 days personal. His expenses for the trip were as follows (meals and lodging reflect only the business portion): Air fare $3,300 Lodging 900 Meals and entertainment

    E12-16 Leontyne Price Company: Accounting for R&D Costs

    E12-16 (Accounting for R&D Costs) Leontyne Price Company from time to time embarks on a research program when a special project seems to offer possibilities. In 2006 the company expends $325,000 on a research project, but by the end of 2006 it is impossible to determine whether any benefit will be derived from it. Instructions

    Goria Corporation: Total Contribution Margin

    Goria Corporation is a wholesaler that sells a single product. Management has provided the following cost data for two levels of monthly sales volume. The company sells the product for $133.60 per unit. Sales volume(units) 4,000 5,000 Cost of sales $383,600 $479,500 Selling

    Jupiter Corp Special Order from Venus: should order be accepted? Jupiter Corporation manufactures skateboards. Several weeks ago, the firm received a special-order inquiry from Venus, Inc. Venus desires to market a skateboard similar to one of Jupiter's and has offered to purchase 11,000 units if the order can be completed in three months. The cost data for Jupiter's model no. 43 skateboard follow. Additional data: ? The normal selling price of model no. 43 is $26.50; however, Venus has offered Jupiter only $15.75 because of the large quantity it is willing to purchase. ? Venus requires a modification of the design that will allow a $2.10 reduction in direct-material cost. ? Jupiter's production supervisor notes that the company will incur $3,700 in additional setup costs and will have to purchase a $2,400 special device to manufacture these units. The device will be discarded once the special order is completed. ? Total manufacturing overhead costs are applied to production at the rate of $20 per machine hour. This figure is based, in part, on budgeted yearly fixed overhead of $750,000 and planned production activity of 60,000 machine hours (5,000 per month). ? Jupiter will allocate $1,800 of existing fixed administrative costs to the order as "...part of the cost of doing business."

    Jupiter Corporation manufactures skateboards. Several weeks ago, the firm received a special-order inquiry from Venus, Inc. Venus desires to market a skateboard similar to one of Jupiter's and has offered to purchase 11,000 units if the order can be completed in three months. The cost data for Jupiter's model no. 43 skateboard f

    Discounting Cash Outflows

    The company is deciding whether to invest in a certain capital investment. The investment requires an initial outlay of $55,000 and annual payments of $12,000 made at the end of the year for five years. The company's discount rate is 14%. What is the present value of cash outflows related to this investment?

    Antioch Extraction: Cost behavior high-low method

    Antioch Extraction, which mines ore, uses a calendar year for both financial-reporting and tax purposes. The following selected costs were incurred in December, the low point of activity, when 1,500 tons of ore were extracted: Straight line depression 25,000 Charitable contributions 11,000 (incurred only in December)

    High-Low method of Cost estimation for Rio Bus Tours in Brazil

    Problem 1. Rio Bus Tours has incurred the following bus maintenance costs during the recenttourist season. (The real is Brazil's national monetary unit. On the day this exercise was written, the real was equivalent in .4378 US dollar.) Month Miles traveled by the us Cost Nov 8,500 11,400 real Dec 10,600 11,600