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    Watson Cosmetics: Compute the Perfume Division's ROI and residual income

    The manager of Watson Cosmetics's Perfume Division is evaluated on her division's return on investment and residual income. The company requires that all divisions generate a minimum return on invest assets of 8 percent. Consistent failure to achieve this minimum target is grounds for the dismissal of a division manager. The

    Elburn Company: entries for bad debts and allowance account - various methods

    The ledger of Elburn Company at the end of the current year shows Accounts Receivable $110,000, Sales $840,000, and Sales Returns and Allowances $28,000. Instructions: a. If Elburn uses the direct write-off method to account for uncollectable accounts, journalize the adjusting entry at December 31, assuming Elburn determines

    Gardner Company Cash discount: Should the proposed discount be offered?

    P13-10 Initiating a cash discount Gardner Company currently makes all sales on credit and offers no cash discount. The firm is considering offering a 2% cash discount for payment within 15 days. The firm's current average collection period is 60 days, sales are 40,000 units, selling price is $45 per unit, and variable cost per u

    Price Elasticity of Demand for Dormitory Space

    What effect would a rule stating that university students must live in university dormitories have on the price elasticity of demand for dormitory space? What impact might this in turn have on room rates?

    Effect on R&D Expense as Patent Life Changes

    Do you think the overall level of R&D would increase or decrease over the next 20 to 30 years if the lengths of new patents were extended from 20 years to, say "forever"? What if the duration was reduced from 20 years, to say, 3 years? Which situation would create more monopoly power in the market?

    Managerical Accounting Problems: Derrick Enterprises, Davidson Company

    Looking for assistance with solving the following problems attached. Question 1 Derrick Enterprises (DE) makes surge protectors that are used to protect equipment in electrical storms. The costs associated with making a surge protector are shown below: Derrick normally makes and sells 10,000 surge protectors

    Murillo Medical Institute: Break Even Analysis and target profit amount

    Murillo Medical Institute operates a 100-bed hospital and offers a number of specialized medical services. Murillo's hospital facility and equipment are leased on a long term basis. The hospital chsrges $100 per patient day. On the basis of past cost data, Murillo has estimated its variable costs as $45.70 per patient day. Fix

    Target Corporation: Identify user groups which need accounting information

    Details: Refer to Target Corporation's financial statements (http://investors.target.com/phoenix.zhtml?p=irol-irhome&ref=nav%5Ffooter%5Finvestors&c=65828) . Target Corporation is currently seeking additional capital to expand its operations. Two companies have shown interest in providing additional capital. Company #1 is

    LLC versus a Proprietorship

    Identify one tax or nontax advantage of operating a business as a single-member limited liability company rather than as a sole proprietorship.

    Forecast Company C net income for next year

    At the end of last year, Firm c reported the following income statement (in millions of dollars) Sales 3,000 Operating costs excluding depreciation 2,450 EBITDA 550 Depreciation 250 EBIT

    Reliable, Relevant, Consistent, Comparable Reports

    I need help to explain - When reviewing a financial report, why should information be reliable, relevant, consistent, and comparable? In other words, why are these accounting characteristics important? What kinds of problems could be created if a financial report is not reliable, relevant, consistent, or comparable? Thank you

    Depreciation for Tax and Reporting Purposes

    What is the difference between the straight-line method of depreciation and the accelerated methods? Why do companies use different depreciation methods for tax reporting and financial reporting?

    Jimmy Carter Company: Accounting for Patents, Franchises and R&D

    Please see the attached and assist. Jimmy Carter Company has provided information on intangible assets as follows A patent was purchased from Gerald Ford Company for $2,000,000 on January 1, 2006. Carter estimated the remaining useful life of the patent to be 10 years. The patent was carried in Ford's accounting r

    Comprehensive Variance Analysis: Kramer Toy, East Crest Plant

    Please complete attached. 4. Problem 8-12A Comprehensive Variance Analysis, pp. 366 - 367. Kramer Toy Company manufactures a plastic swimming pool at its East Crest Plant. The plant has been experiencing problems as shown by its September contribution format income statement below: Budgeted Actual Sales (15,000 pools)

    Edwards Inc Overhead Performance Report: what changes should be made?

    Preparing an Overhead Performance Report Several years ago, Edwards Inc. developed a comprehensive budgeting system for profit planning and control purposes. The line supervisors have been very happy with the system and with the reports being prepared on their performance, but both middle and upper management have expressed

    Centennial Tours: which one of two tours it will introduce

    Please see attached file. 14. Centennial Tours is trying to decide which one of two tours it will introduce. The costs and revenues associated with each alternative are listed below: What are the incremental (differential) costs of Tour B? A) $2,000 B) $3,000 C) $4,000 D) None of the above 18. Crowe

    Stereo Goods: EOQ, relevant total costs, how many deliveries

    Stereo Goods is a distributor of videotapes. Video Mart is a local retail outlet which sells blank and recorded videos. Video mart purchases tapes from Stereo Goods at $5 per tape; tapes are shipped in packages of 25. Stereo Goods pays all incoming freight, and Video Mart does not inspect the tapes due to Stereo Good's reputatio

    Breakeven sales in units -variable and absorption costing

    Total fixed manufacturing overhead - $180,000 Total other fixed expenses - $200,000 Total variable manufacturing expenses - $120,000 Total other variable expenses - $120,000 Units produced - 30,000 units Budgeted production - 30,000 units Units sold - 25,000 units Selling price - $40 1.What are breakeven sales in units

    Accounts Payable

    An appliance store, APP Corporation, purchases inventory with a net price so $500,000 each day. The company purchases the inventory under the credit terms of 2/15, net 40. APP always takes the discount, but takes the full 15 days to pay its bills. What is the average account payable for APP?

    Cost Analysis

    Please see the attached file. (1) Rayburn's Tents makes backpacking tents. It has the capacity to produce 10,000 tents per year and currently is producing and selling 7,000 tents. Normal selling price for a tent is $470. Unit-level costs are $100 for direct materials, $200 for direct labor, and $25 for other manufacturing co

    Accounting problems for MBI, Inc, Pelkey Co and Spenser Co. E9.6, E9.12, 9.18

    E9.6 Calculate gross profit, cost of goods sold and selling price: MBI, Inc. had sales of $141.6million for fiscal 2009. The company' gross profit ratio for that yr was 31.6%. a. Calculate the gross profit and cost of goods sold for MBI, Inc., for fiscal 2009. b. Assume that a new product is developed and that it will cost

    Cost Accounting: Mannix, Summerside, D'Allessandro, Devine Chocolate, Extreme

    Mannix Company has gathered the following data related to its production process of two of its products for the week ended April 30: Model #100 B #250C Quantity produced 60 100 Unit-level material cost $ 42,000 $ 100,000 Variable conversion cost 72,000 300,000 Total direct costs $114,000 $ 400,000 Indirect c

    Commercial Real Estate Net Operating Income calculation

    Given the following information, what is the net operating income assuming below-line treatment? Property: 4 office units Contract Rents per unit: $2500 per month Vacancy and collection losses: 15% Operating expenses: 35% CAPEX: 10%