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    Ethan Allen Interiors and Swish Watch Company

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    For Ethan Allen Interiors and Swish Watch Company, prepare accounting data and interpret results

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    Part 1

    a. Other assets 3,400
    Cash 3,400

    b. Cash 1,020
    Contributed capital 1,020

    c. Property, plant, and equipment 11,230
    Cash 1,830
    Long-term debt 9,400

    d. Cash 310
    Other assets 310

    e. No effect Since only negotiations are conducted and no transaction

    Part 2 and 3
    Cash Receivable Inventories
    Beg. 75,688 Beg. 32,845 Beg. 174,147
    (b) 1,020 3,400 (a)
    (d) 310 1,830 (c)
    71,788 32,845 174,147

    Prepaid Expenses and Other Current Assets Property, Plant, and Equipment Intangibles
    Beg. 36,076 Beg. 293,626 Beg. 69,708
    (c) 11,230
    36,076 304,856 69,708

    Other Assets Accounts Payable Wages and ...

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    The solution explains the transactions and the financial statements for Ethan Allen Interiors and Swish Watch Company.