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Plant Biology

Evolution and Development of Reproduction in Plants

-- Define and briefly discuss both siphonogamy and the seed. -- Which do you think came first? I have a good start on the definitions, but please reword or (briefly) add to them to make them complete: A seed is: a fertilized, integumented, (Sterile covering/coating. Provided by diploid parent) undehiscing (non-splitting. Does

Land Plants, Telome Theory and Rhynia

There are actually three questions here, all dealing with Rhynia (Rhynia is known by two names, the diploid life cycle "Rhynia major", and the haploid life cycle "Rhynia gwynne-vaughanii"). I thought it would be a good idea to put these 3 questions together because they all deal with the same general ideas. 1) HOW HAS THE FER

Biochemistry of photosynthesis is determined.

Do indoor plants create oxygen as a by-product the same way in which outdoor plants do (through photosynthesis)? Is there any advantage to having plants in your house, other than for decor? Does the oxygen provide any added benefit? Does is provide cleaner air to breath? These questions are encompassed.

Solving Practice Problem

We are given the following five sequence: Taxon 1, Taxon 2, Taxon 3, Taxon 4, Taxon 5 TGCCAA, GGACAA, TGTCAA, TGTCAT, GGACAT a) In general, how many unrooted trees are there relation five taxa? b) Draw the following two trees. the first one has taxa 2 and 5 as sister taxa and taxa 1 and 3 as sister taxa. the second one

Comparing chemiosmosis in cell respiration and photosynthesis

Need assistance comparing chemiosmosis in cell respiration and photosynthesis using the attached figures from pages 100 of my text and pg 118 to fill out the enclosed chart. Looking at the diagram I wasn't even sure where to start. Need assistance filling out the chart. See attached files (Chart, pg 100, pg 118)

Light Dependent & Independent Reaction

Review of Photosysthesis as it relates to light Dependent Reaction and Independent Reaction. Using figure 7.11 for review to fill in the blanks in the chart. for blanks A through V. See attached files.

Understanding photosynthesis.

If I have a bumper sticker that says "Have I thanked a green plant today" - How would I interpret this in regards to photosynthesis?

Understanding photosynthesis.

If I am wearing a bright red shirt and I take into account light and pigments why would the shirt appear red to someone?