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    Cells & Plant Seed Characteristics

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    Please help with the following problem.

    List the main reason why a cell is forced to divide due to cell growth.

    If a tall round seed plant is crossed with another plant. From the following information provided. Tall dominate, round dominant, and both are heterozygous. Draw the Punnett Square showing the first generation. Show the ratio of the tall, show the ratio of short, show the ratio of round. From the first generation.

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    Problem: List the main reason why a cell is forced to divide due to cell growth.

    The main reason why a cell divides into smaller cells when it grows is due to the surface area (SA) to volume ratio problem. When a cell grows, both its surface area and its volume increase -- obviously. However, mathematically, the volume increases faster than does the surface area. Therefore, the ratio of SA:volume is higher in smaller cells. As the cells get bigger, the SA:volume ratio gets lower and ...

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