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Angiosperms and Energy Investment in Fruits and Flowers

1. Angiosperms put an enormous amount of energy into their fruits and flowers. Why? And why has this approach been so successful?

2. Describe the concept of physiological homeostasis and illustrate it with one three examples from human organ systems.

3. Discuss the various sources of human stem cells, their characteristics, and potential for therapeutic use. What are some ethical concerns?

4. I am sitting here watching spring rituals play themselves out at my bird feeders. 1) One large male purple finch is "camping out" on the feeder and running everyone else off. 2) I hear a red bellied woodpecker drumming away on a dead tree snag in my front yard. 3) A Carolina wren is singing his heart out. 4) The male goldfinches are changing color daily, from the mossy greenish-yellow they sported all winter to a brilliant golden yellow, and 5) my cats are taking every bit of this in ...stalking constantly while the bravest birds scold and even seem to "dare" them (their belled collars pretty much dooms them to failure with all but the stupidest birds!)

Describe each of the behaviors 1-5 about in terms discussed in CH 26! The chapter is labeled Sex and Symmetry. The first section is how do innate and learned behaviors differ? The second is how do animals communicate? How do animals compete for resourses? How do animals find mates? What kind of Societies do animals form? And can Biology explain human behavior?

5. What are the impacts on ecosystems and issues with introduced, invasive and genetically-modified (GMO) organisms? Select one plant and one animal species to illustrate your points.