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    Discussing Angiosperm Reproduction

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    What are two characteristics unique to angiosperm reproduction? And how can you tell that grass flowers are wind pollinated rather than insect pollinated?

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    Q: Part 1 - What are two characteristics unique to angiosperm reproduction?

    A: Angiosperms (flowering, seed producing plants) are the most "recent" evolutionary step in plant development. They are also agriculturally important to humans since many of them form fruit and vegetables as a vessel to encourage the propagation of seeds (think of apples, pumpkins, etc).

    Angiosperms are most often compared to gymnosperms which are the oldest seed-bearing plants on Earth. However, instead of having a flower to promote reproduction, gymnosperms usually produce cones. Modern day gymnosperms include such examples as conifer trees (pine), ginkgo trees, and palm trees.

    The main difference between angiosperms and gymnosperms is their process ...

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