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    General Biology

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    1. What type of organism gave rise to land plants?
    A. Green Algae
    B. Mosses
    C. Fungi
    D. Cyanobacteria

    2. What structures conserve water allowing plants to live on land?
    A. Cuticle
    B. Cholrophyll
    C. Roots
    D. Flowers

    3. Which of the following are ALL seedless non-vascular plants.
    A. Trees, Shrubs, Fungi, Algae
    B. Mosses, liverworts. Hornworts
    C. Algae, Mosses, Ferns, Fungi
    D. Bacteria, Fungi, Mosses, Ferns

    4. What do seedless, vascular plants need for sexual reproduction?
    A. Air
    B. Soil
    C. Water
    D. Fruit

    5. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of bryophytes.
    A. less than 20 centimeters tall (8 in)
    B. have leaf like, stem like and root like parts that don't contain xylem or phloem
    C. they can dry out then revive with moisture
    D. they have rhizoids, which are elongated cells or thread like structures that attach gametophytes to the soil and serve as absorptive structures
    E. The produce almost microscopic flowers
    6. What structure freed the seed plants on land from their dependence on water for fertilization?
    A. Roots
    B. Pollen Grains
    C. Leaves
    D. Xylem

    7. Which of the following is NOT a group of seedless vascular plants.
    A. whisk ferns
    B. mosses
    C. lycophytes
    D. horsetails
    E. ferns

    8. What is the primary characteristic of angiosperms.
    A. They produce seeds
    B. They have vascular tissue
    C. They produce flowers
    D. They depend on light for photosynthesis

    9. Which of the following is an angiosperm?
    A. Oaks
    B. Conifers
    C. Cycads
    D. Ginkgo
    E. Gnetophytes

    10. Does the haploid or the diploid phase dominate in the life cycle of angiosperms?
    A. Diploid
    B. Haploid
    C. Neither

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