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    Catalase Test Questions

    We did the catalse test in class and I have been able to answer some questions but not all. Questions: 1) Provide an example of reduction reaction performed by cells in which hydrogen is not added to the reduced compound. (I think it deals with hydrogen peroxide--> to water and oxygen) 2) Would a flase positive due to th

    Biology Problem

    In a multiple-choice quiz the question was: The lack of an immune response to self is called: A. Autoimmunity B. Tolerance The answer was B. Can you explain why tolerance is the best answer? Thanks.

    Immunology - Biology Quiz

    For review, please provide the correct answer and why. An explanation added about the correct answers would help me understands the concepts. Biology Quiz: Immunology 1. What is the term used to describe white blood cells migrating toward bacteria? (a) Zeiosis (b) Phagocytosis (c) Chemotaxis (d) Phototaxis 2. When

    Cell Biology: Microbes

    For review, can you provide me with the answers to the following quiz on Cell Biology: Microbes and also explain why it is the correct answer for each? Thank you. CELL BIOLOGY Quiz 2: Microbes 1. Name the period of rapid growth in a bacterial culture when the cells divide every few minutes. (a) mitosis (b) replication