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    Musculoskeletal System

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    SOAP Notes

    Please assist in preparing SOAP notes either in a muscular or skeletal body system of a fictional patient of not less then 4 paragraphs including medical terms with suffixes, roots, and prefixes. Then write a summary of the findings rather then medical diagnosis.

    Human Biology: Multiple choice questions on muscles and bones

    1. The basic unit of contraction is the a. myosin b. actin c. Z-Lines d. sarcomeres 2. A cord or strap of dense tissue that connects a muscle to bone is called a: a. tendon b. ligament c. bursa d. arthritis 3. The functional partners of bone is: a. Tendon b. Ligament c. Skeletal muscle d. Fasciae 4. Wh

    Striated muscle work

    Would a muscle that is long and thin (ie: more series elements than parallel elements) or a muscle that is short and thick (ie: more parallel elements than series) be able to lift an object that has more mass? Why?

    Muscle Types

    What are the similarities and differences between Skeletal Muscle, Cardiac Muscle and Smooth Muscle?