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Energy after prolonged exercize

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A bicyclist in a 100 km race pumps up a hill to the finish line of the race. How are his leg muscles most likely obtaining energy?

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Because you say that he's at the end of the 100 km race, he's obviously at the end of a long workout. To obtain ...

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Nutrition is explored.

The following exercise will give us some insight into why we need to eat a certain amount and types of food, who designed the Pyramid and the role of the nutrients found in the various servings of foods we are required to consume!

After reading the information provided in the website links, please answer the following questions:

1) Why do some scientists say to eat a certain amount and types of food each day?

2) Who designs these allotments (what organizations were involved in developing the Pyramid)?

3) And, lastly, name the food groups, number of servings recommended, and then discuss the role the nutrients play (in each food group) with regard to one's health.

Web Resources:

Go to http://www.sciam.com Choose search> then insert "food pyramid" and then, read the feature article titled "Rebuilding the Food Pyramid" from the January 2002 or 2003 issue.

Go to http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/pyramids.html Read the article called "Food Pyramids: What Should You Really Eat?"

Go to http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/ats/Jul21/ Read the article called "What's wrong with this pyramid?"

Go to http://mypyramid.gov Complete the "MyPyramid Plan" exercise.

Go to http://www.dairycouncilofca.org/MediaRoom/News/MaterialsReleases102.aspx/ Scroll down and read the article "USDA and HHS Unveil Revised Dietary Guidelines For Americans."

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