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    Multivariate ANOVA

    Multivariate analysis of variance, MANOVA, is a statistical test procedure for comparing multivariate means of several groups. Unlike ANOVA, it uses the variance-covariance between variables in testing the statistical significance of the mean differences. It is a generalized form of univariate analysis of variance. It is used when there are two or more dependent variables. Multivariate ANOVA takes scores from the multiple dependent variable and creates a single dependent variable giving the ability to test for the above effects.

    Multivariate analysis of variance for certain positive-definite matrices appear where sums of squares in univariate analysis of variance. The diagonal entries are the same kinds of sums of squares that appear in univariate ANOVA. Under normality assumptions about error distributions, the counterpart of the sum of squares due to error has a Wishart distribution.  

    MANOVA is based on the product of model variance matrix and inverse of the error variance matrix. The hypothesis implies that the product is equivalent to the inverse. Invariance considerations imply the MANOVA statistic should be a measure of magnitude of the singular value decomposition of this matrix product. There is no unique choice owning to the multi-dimensional nature of the alternative hypothesis. 

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    Factorial ANOVA of Instructional Approaches

    A school psychologist is asked to assess the effectiveness of three instructional approaches to teaching reading to second grade elementary school children. The different approaches are whole language, phonic, and blended instruction. The "Whole Language Approach" is a method of teaching children to read by recognizing words as

    One way ANOVA test using SAS and analyzing the results

    Use the values from the ANOVA table to test the Hypothesis etc. From time to time, unknown to its employees, the research department at a commercial bank observes various employees for their efficiency. Recently, this department wanted to check whether four tellers at a branch of this bank serve, on average, the same number

    Applying 1-Way Analysis of Variance and Comparing with Repeated Measures Design

    We considered Mary's interest in doing a study to see if learning of 6th graders on a math lesson is affected by background noise level. There, she was planning to use 2 noise conditions and then analyze her outcomes using a t-test for independent groups. Describe the study Mary might plan where she would use a one-way analysis

    Single Factor ANOVAs

    a. Using the data file, perform two single factor ANOVAs: one using SystolicBP and one using DiastolicBP as the dependent variable. b. If appropriate for either or both of the ANOVAs, perform post hoc analyses to determine which groups actually differ. c. Write one paragraph for each ANOVA (be sure to use APA style). At a bare

    Statistics: Analysis of SPSS Output

    Hi, these questions listed below I am having some difficulty understanding. 1. Using the SPSS output given below, interpret the data in the table for the within-subjects effects. 2. Make sure to discuss the findings of the analysis in terms of what they actually mean in the context of the study. In the attached document

    The "Activity 6a.sav" file contains a dataset of a high school teacher interested in determining whether his students' test scores increase over the course of a 12 week period. In the dataset, you will find the following variables: Participant: unique identifier

    The "Activity 6a.sav" file contains a dataset of a high school teacher interested in determining whether his students' test scores increase over the course of a 12 week period. In the dataset, you will find the following variables: Participant: unique identifier Gender: Male (M) or Female (F) Score_0 - score on the initial co


    Your company is developing a new radio communication system. Weight, power output, and frequency have each been identified by your engineering and productions staffs as being potential significant contributors to the production cost of a radio communication system. The following relationships between cost and these parameters

    Sample Research Questions and Parametric & Nonparametric Testing

    Can you help me get started with this assignment? 1. Collaborative Activity: Sample Research Questions Worksheet Attached - Resource: Sample Research Questions Worksheet. ** - Complete the Sample Research Questions Worksheet. >>>ATTACHED<<< - Submit the worksheet as a Microsoft Word attachment 2. Individual Assignmen

    Job Satisfaction and ANOVA Analysis

    Provide hypothesis null and hypothesis alternate statement for an ANOVA process. Identify a data set that can be used for your ANOVA process. If your article does not include a data set that can be used for an ANOVA process, be sure to either create one that is comprised of at least 25 data points or state that you will be usin

    One way MANOVA on SPSS

    The data file contains data from a large study to investigate risk-taking behavior. There were three exper-imental conditions: Arnold and Arnold (AA); Coombs (C); and Coombs with no penalty (NC). The experimental conditions differ in terms of what the directions given to students. Each student then responding to two parallel for


    Question 1: Consider the data for a three-group, three-dependent-variable problem. Run the one-way MANOVA on SPSS. a) What is the multivariate null hypothesis? Do you reject it at a = .05? b) If you reject in part a), then which paris of groups are significantly different in a multivariate sense at the .05 level? c) For the


    1. How would you explain the logic of ANOVA to someone with no experience? (answer should be at least 4 sentences) 2. What does it mean to have a significant interaction (in ANOVA)? Discuss by using examples.

    Follower Attributional Biases and Assessments of Performance

    Provide a 1 page write-up (of the article) of the research highlighting where statistical analysis is being used and why it's used. Thanks for all your help. See the following reference: Adams, J., Rice, R. W., Instone, D., & Hicks, J. M. (1981, August). Follower Attributional Biases and Assessments of Female and Male


    I have a student version of SPSS: The following was the question. I am unable to do a multivariate so I performed a univariate. 9. a. Conduct a multivariate ANOVA (Analyze, General Linear Model, multivariate, dep vars are the 5 quizzes and the fixed factor (IV) is "final". In your own words, what is the interpretation

    Data from ANOVA table

    What data from an ANOVA table contribute to business decision making? Graduate Level: Please give examples. Thank you.

    Comparing methods of statistical analysis - Advice needed

    Help!! I need to compare data within several research articles to draw a conclusion about their results. The problem I am having is that they all employ different statistical types. Some of the results are correlations, some give the results as MANCOVAS and some are linear regressions. What I need to know is how I can compare th

    ANOVA is summarized.

    In which category is ANOVA properly classified _________ nonparametric statistics, parametric statistics, descriptive statistics, or inferential and nonparametric statistics This question is discussed.